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How to Get Grenade Crystal Eerie Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to try to find. There is also a way to get the Eerie Free Fire (FF) Crystal Grenade, you can have the most powerful blast of destruction.

There are many events that appear in the Free Fire game, just finish them now. So that you can immediately use this, to use it immediately in that prize battle.

Especially for the Free Fire x Justin Bieber Collaboration, it will give a pretty good and cool main prize. We can just try it, if we want to have an item like this.

Then there is a way to get the Eerie Free Fire (FF) Crystal Grenade, you can have all of this right away. As the main gift from the 5th Anniversary event that players can see first.

How to Get Grenade Crystal Eerie Free Fire (FF)

  1. Free Fire Game Login

    You have to login to the Free Fire game first, so you can get the Crystal Eerie Grenade, you can play it right away. Present on September 3-14, 2022.

  2. Select Event and Top Mission

    Soon, you can directly select the event right now, so you can get the Top Mission that players can try. It is a good choice, so that we immediately play the event.

  3. Immediately Understand the Mission

    Players must first understand the latest mission that has appeared, so that they can get the Eerie Crystal Grenade which must reach the Top 10 several times.

  4. Reach Top 10 5 Times

    Then then you can immediately Reach Top 10 for approximately 5 times, we can only do it in Battle Royale Mode.

  5. Armory Feature Login Reward

    The Grenade Crystal Eerie Skin, will go directly into the Armory feature now. Of course, it is an interesting opportunity, so that we can have the prize.

A gift called Grenade Crystal Eerie that you should try right now. As the newest option for you to try right now.

How to Get Grenade Crystal Eerie Free Fire (FF)

Then there is also a Digital Basher Free Fire Bat Skin, as the newest gift option that you can indeed get from the same place.

After knowing How to Get the Eerie FF Crystal Grenade, you won’t be confused by it. It’s a cool and nice new gift, we’ll try it right away.

Including Tips for Using Free Fire Grenades, to make it easier for you. No explosions to injure you, due to a correct throw.