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How to Get Free Diamonds for FF 29,999, Don't Miss It!

How to Get Free Diamonds for FF 29,999, Don’t Miss It!

The Booyah Lebaran Free Fire (FF) event is not just an event to welcome the arrival of a big Muslim holiday. Unexpectedly, the event brought many important things for players who were hoping for discounts and freebies.

Yes, just following missions and getting prizes, players can even buy important skin items at very cheap prices.

Not only that, now an event has also come to bring an unmitigated diamond jackpot prize. You can get lots of diamonds if you are lucky.

Curious how to get free diamonds for FF 29,999? Come on, take a look in the following article!

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Free Diamonds FF 29,999

Diamond Free FF 29,999 No APK

This one event is not worth it for you to miss a bit. Because the prize you will get is a diamond jackpot of 29,999. With that many diamonds, you will be satisfied to buy the skin you have longed for.

To participate in this event, we are required to participate in the Callback event at Booyah Lebaran and complete the requested mission. As the name suggests, callback, you are asked to invite back old friends who are no longer actively playing Free Fire.

You can follow the mission in a peak event for this year’s Ramadan and Eid edition, starting on the 2nd yesterday until it ends on May 7, 2022.

The following is a list of rewards that can be obtained if you successfully invite and also accept invitations in the mission:

  • Callback 1 Friend: 1x Box and Gold Voucher
  • Callback 3 Friends: 3x Box and x3 Gold Voucher
  • Callback 5 Friends: 5x Box and x5 Gold Voucher
  • Callback 7 Friends: 7x Box and x7 Gold Voucher
  • Players who accept the invitation: 5x Box and x5 Gold Voucher

The jackpot of 29,999 will be in one of these boxes. If you’re lucky, you might be the one who has the right to secure that huge number of diamonds.

So, note the date and the mission. Invite your friends as much as possible so they can reach the 29,999 jackpot to buy your favorite skin.

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Those are a series of missions that you must complete to reach the 29,999 diamond jackpot in the Booyah Lebaran Callback event! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube our.