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How to Get Battle Emote Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released several events with prizes that players can get immediately. Then there is also How to Get Battle Emote Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML), which is a new and good choice. Immediately we have the prize, then use it in the match later.

Events that appear in the Mobile Legends game, have provided a variety of the latest and very good missions. We have to finish everything right away, then use it if we really want to or not.

Then see the Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collaboration, giving lots of prizes and various new missions as well. As a cool new gift option for you to have right now.

Then then How to Get the Battle Emote Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends (ML), it was also quite easy to have it. As an expression that we are the strongest in the match later.

How to Get Kung Fu Panda Battle Emote in Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Enter the Mobile Legends Game

    The event takes place from September 20 – October 19, 2022, you must enter the Mobile Legends game first. So that you can find this event and mission as well, as an option that does sound easy.

  2. You Can Directly Choose Draw Kung Fu Panda

    We will immediately select a part of the existing Kung Fu Panda Draw Event, so that later you can find the prize as well.

  3. Players Must Intend to Have Limited Skins

    If you want to do it from Draw 1 times 50 Dm and 10 times 100 Dm, it means you have to intend to have the Kung Fu Panda Skin. Let’s get the Battle Emote so much easier.

  4. Exchange 32 Jade Ornament

    In the Event Shop Kung Fu Panda section, you can immediately exchange 32 Jade Ornaments so you can get this prize.

  5. Battle Emote Enters Prep

    If you have received this gift now, just check into the Prep Feature now. Then you can immediately use the Kung Fu Panda Battle Emote which you can really try.

A cool grand prize like this does look very interesting, make sure you wait for it all now. As a nice and cool option, it would be great to use all of these.

How to Get Kung Fu Panda Battle Emote in Mobile Legends (ML)

Then later you use it with Hero Akai Mobile Legends, it will definitely be even more fitting. A theme that brings the spirit of a warrior that you shouldn’t miss too.

Because for now, how to get the Battle Emote Kung Fu Panda in Mobile Legends (ML), it’s quite easy to have. As a cool new gift for you to try to have right now.

Even for Mobile Legends Rare Avatar Borders like this, it will be the main key with everything that has appeared today. It becomes even more exciting and you can try it right away.