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How to Get Battle Emote Heartbreaking Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a variety of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Then a Way to Get Battle Emote Heartbreaking Mobile Legends (ML), you can have it if you want it. As the main prize that sounds cool, this Battle Emote has a different image.

The events that appear in the Mobile Legends game are indeed diverse, making you curious what they are all like. Of course with the gifts that we can get from here, of course everything will be easy.

Understand very well what the Role Type of Hero Mobile Legends is like now, so that competing later will be very easy. Because the ability of each role itself will help the player to win.

Then there is also How to Get Battle Emote Heartbreaking Mobile Legends (ML), you can just try it. An Emote that we can use when competing, showing feelings of sadness when facing an enemy or showing it to a friend.

How to Get Battle Emote Heartbreaking Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Enter Mobile Legends Game

    Immediately we enter the Mobile Legends game first, so that we can get the existing Heartbreaking Battle Emote. It turns out that you can have this gift quite easily, just follow the process correctly.

  2. Open Shop and Emote

    Then the next step, we immediately open the Shop section, then look at the Emote section whether it is there or not. Search first until you find it, then you will know the process to have it.

  3. Buy for 79 Diamonds

    Players can buy the Heartbreaking Battle Emote for only 79 Diamonds. After doing this, it means that this Battle Emote item can be used immediately as well.

  4. Via Event or Draw

    Depending on the event itself, we can receive this gift from an event or a draw. The opportunity to have a prize is still there and maybe it can happen from there.

  5. Battle Emote Ready to Use

    Later, you can immediately use the Battle Emote Heartbreaking prize, ready to use it now. Surely it will be a gift that looks cool, then shows our sad expression.

Of course the Battle Emote Heartbreaking does sound so cool, you can start getting it right away. It becomes a gift that you can try to collect now, if you really want someone to have a gift like that.

How to Get Battle Emote Heartbreaking Mobile Legends (ML)

Along with using the Skin Hero Layla in Mobile Legends, it will definitely be more suitable for battle. So we can use them simultaneously, if we do it right.

If you already know how to get the Battle Emote Heartbreaking Mobile Legends (ML), you can try it right away. Of course, just follow everything now to get such a gift.

Then you can see some of the Best Battle Emotes in Mobile Legends, this must be something that is quite curious for you to try later. Can collect one of them, as the right choice for this.