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How to Get Battle Emote Good Boy Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released several features that will be useful for its players when they try it. Because of the way to get the Battle Emote Good Boy Mobile Legends (ML), you can have the opportunity to get this prize. It does look really good, when you wear it.

Especially if you have dealt with an event, of course you will have the opportunity to get lots of prizes. All of this is present in a very nice and cool way, make sure you guys try to finish the existing missions later.

Also understand some of the Types of Role Hero Mobile Legends, so that you are not confused in competing with the team. Doing the role selection will be something important, don’t let you guys miss something like this right now.

Especially with the presence of How to Get Battle Emote Good Boy Mobile Legends (ML), you can also try it right now. It does look cool and very nice, if you really like it, you won’t have any trouble getting a gift like this.

How to Get Battle Emote Good Boy Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Login Game and Open Shop Mobile Legends

    Immediately we login into the Mobile Legends game, then after entering directly Open the Shop and will immediately enter that section. Of course with this opportunity, players will have the opportunity to look for the prize later.

  2. Select Emote Section

    You will immediately select a part of the Emote right now, in order to find the Good Boy Emote that already exists now. Of course, that way, players will find this main prize and you can immediately determine whether you want it or not.

  3. Buy With 79 Diamonds

    Then you can immediately buy it at a price of 79 Diamond, you can get it immediately if you buy the Battle Emote Good Boy. It’s a cheap price, it can even be reduced if there is a discount.

  4. Via Event or Draw

    The Ordinary Event must collect Tokens or complete Missions, only then can you receive the prizes. But if the Draw must use Dm when drawing, and it will be a normal gift in general.

  5. Prep Feature Login Prize

    If you have done so, you will immediately be able to receive this gift in the Prep section feature. So that way you can immediately use it directly, so you can show it to the enemies when competing.

Seeing the Battle Emote Good Boy for yourself is like a greeting, but it shows that Leomord is praising his horse. Usually it’s suitable if you kill using Ultimate, then use this Emote.

How to Get Battle Emote Good Boy Mobile Legends (ML)

Then with the presence of Tips for Using Hero Leomord Mobile Legends, of course this will have a big impact on the match. Make it difficult for the opponent against all of you.

Try yourself How to Get Battle Emote Good Boy Mobile Legends (ML), you will be even more excited with all of this now.

Even the presence of the Coolest Battle Emote in Mobile Legends, is a good opportunity so that we have gifts like this right now.