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How to Get Battle Emote Catch Me Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a variety of very cool new events for you to see now. Even the presence of How to Get Battle Emote Catch Me in Mobile Legends (ML), it turns out to be easy and even looks very suitable. Because this is like inviting the enemies to catch him, even though they won’t be able to.

There are so many events that have appeared in the Mobile Legends game, so we can also solve them. There are a lot of various Missions that you should try to play, so you won’t be bored to play it soon. Because there are many interesting things that you can try to play later.

Especially for the Best Mobile Legends Battle Emote Collection, one of the right choices for players to collect immediately. It will look very cool when using this Battle Emote, facing all enemies without having to be afraid to face them. Because this will give Expression to the enemy when they are fighting.

After seeing How to Get Battle Emote Catch Me Mobile Legends (ML), you can just try it if you want. As a cool Battle Emote like this, it will make your opponent hotter to chase you while competing.

How to Get Battle Emote Catch Me Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Mobile Legends Game Login

    You have to login to the Mobile Legends game first, so you can get the existing Catch Me Battle Emote. It is only available in the Crimson Charm Event, appearing at certain times only.

  2. Choose Draw Event Crimson Charm

    Then we select Draw Event Crimson Charm first, so we can understand the existing mission. This is the right place, so we can have it later.

  3. Do Spin Using Diamonds

    Immediately we do a Spin using Diamond, so that later we can get Emote Catch Me which is present from here. A total of 1 Spin 50 Dm and 10 Spin 450 Dm, a great chance to get the prize doing this later.

  4. Via Crimson Charm Token Exchange

    Later when doing Spin, you will definitely receive Crimson Charm Tokens too, so we can use them in existing exchanges. Exchange up to 60 Tokens to receive the Battle Emote.

  5. Prep Feature Login Prize

    After that, the gift will go directly to the Prep section so we can receive it right now. That way you will immediately use it, use the Battle Emote and tell the enemy “Catch Me”.

A very cool Battle Emote gift for you to use now, of course this is the right choice. It will definitely give a cool picture, so we can use Battle Emote Catch Me easily.

How to Get Battle Emote Catch Me Mobile Legends (ML)

Then understand Tips for Using Hero Selena Mobile Legends, so that later the game is better. So that your game will be smoother without any problems at all. Then pair the Battle Emote with this hero to make it even more fitting.

After knowing how to get the Battle Emote Catch Me in Mobile Legends (ML), you can immediately check the process. It turns out that it is easy and fast to be able to have these gifts now easily.

Even the presence of the Best Action Emote in Mobile Legends, will definitely be more exciting. Everything we will do later will definitely be more exciting and you won’t just miss it.