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How to Get the Aqua Rogue Free Fire (FF) Bundle, New!

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try. There’s even a How to Get Aqua Rogue Free Fire (FF) Bundle, you can have this Bundle very quickly. This has a very easy method, because the players just need to follow certain events in order to get the main prize.

Events that have a lot of Free Fire games, will definitely provide lots of special cool prizes for the players too. Because it did complete the mission first, because there were so many and had the opportunity to deal with all of this very easily.

Also looking at the Rampage United Free Fire Event Schedule, it sounds quite interesting. As a gift that is so special and you can finish it right away, so that you can immediately have all the additional collection items that are much more special too.

Because for How to Get the Aqua Rogue Free Fire (FF) Bundle, because it will provide a variety of cool prizes for you to use. Another new challenge is also if you complete the Mission faster so you can have even more rewards.

How to Get the Aqua Rogue Free Fire (FF) Bundle

  1. Enter the Free Fire Game

    You can directly enter the Free Fire game first, so that you can start completing the various Missions that already exist today. Because getting the Aqua Rogue Bundle itself will appear from September 17 – September 3, 2022 to come.

  2. Select Interface Rampage United

    Next, we can choose the existing rampage united interface, so we can take part in this event better. It turns out that only through this event, you already have one chance to receive many prizes that are indeed quite limited.

  3. Raise Milestone Fort to Get Aqua Rogue Bundle

    Now this is the most important thing, you must be able to Raise the Milestone Fort in order to get the Aqua Rogue Bundle. So the total point to receive this Bundle is 10 Fort Levels, only when you have done that the player can receive the main prize like this.

  4. Really Understand Fort Rampage Event

    You must also know how to play the Fort Free Fire Rampage Event, so that you can participate in this event more correctly. Even my own Esports is very excited, and I like the event, which turned out to be easy for us to complete.

  5. Aqua Rogue Bundle Prize Enters Vault

    If you have received this grand prize, then the Aqua Rogue Gift Bundle itself will be present in a Vault. As one of the most attractive gifts, it will allow us to use it on the female character to make her more beautiful.

Events that are very easy for us to complete now, so we have to just finish the missions that have appeared now. Because the appearance of the event will become even easier, then the female character using Aqua Rogue also looks very cool.

How to Get the Aqua Rogue Free Fire (FF) Bundle

Even this is still related to the Rogue Free Fire Nebula Bundle, because it still has the same theme as this. As a gift Bundle is so cool, then you must complete every new mission from the Free Fire game now quickly.

Because for How to Get the Aqua Rogue Free Fire (FF) Bundle, it is indeed considered the newest thing and you should try it. As one of the coolest Bundles that we must have, the mission itself is really cool for you to try now.

Then for How to Collect Free Fire Rampage Book Tokens, it turns out that it can indeed provide many cool new things. Especially if you are lucky, you can definitely get a fairly rare prize from this feature.