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how to fix a corrupt file with the CMD command

On this occasion, we will discuss about how to fix a corrupt file with the CMD command. If the file has been damaged or corrupted, usually your computer or PC will feel slower or weaker so that sometimes loading will take a long time during the startup process, this process can sometimes also be caused by a sudden power failure or it can also be said that the lights went out suddenly. , as well as the presence of corrupted or missing files. But if this happens then you don’t need to worry, because inside features Windows 7, Windows itself has a way of how to fix it, which is quite easy just by doing a few commands at the command prompt.

Okay just go ahead, let’s look at some easy steps below:
The first step is, open this windows feature with a command prompt with administrator mode

Command prompt

The way is by clicking start. After that then in the search field, type CMD and after that it will appear CMD. Next you right click and and then select run as administrator. Look at the image below.

If CMD is already open with administrator mode open continue with this utility.


Perform a scan on the damaged file with the command.

Now, in this command, wait until the process is complete because it takes a long time because you have to do a thorough scan because it takes a process, namely this command is looking for damaged files.


if you don’t want to do repairs on files that are considered damaged, you can just do a scan without fixing it.

But if you want to scan and repair in one file, you can. Example with the keymaker.exe file located in the C/windows/System folder folder
You just type.

sfc /scanfile=C:\Windows\System32\keymaker.exe

or by using this command to scan only without repair.