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How to Fix Black/Broken Blank Video When Playing in VLC

How to Fix Black/Broken Blank Video When Playing in VLC Media Player – Septemberbe for you computer or laptop users, you are familiar with this video player application called VLC Media Player. Where this application is used as a video and audio player application. VLC media player is very popular because this application has many advantages compared to other media players. And one of the advantages is as a media player that supports all video formats, including audio.

How to Fix Black/Broken Blank Video When Playing in VLC

In addition to having various advantages, it turns out that there is one advantage that in my opinion cannot be obtained from other media player applications, namely the VLC application that supports codecs with very complete features. Because it supports almost every codec to produce all kinds of low-memory media files when playing using this application, it can play videos in MP4 format as well as BluRay HD.

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However, from a number of advantages possessed by the VLC application, it is not uncommon for users who have just installed the VLC application to experience problems. Especially if their computer equipment has low specs. And a common problem that often occurs is the application VLC doesn’t show image from video when playing, and besides that there is also an image that appears but the image looks blurry or broken like it is not strong when playing the video. And all that we can only enjoy with his voice alone. This means that there is no video image and only sound appears with a black blank display.

Well, to overcome or fix this problem, it turns out that the way is very easy for us to do. And here we will provide a tutorial using the Windows operating system. And for more details, please refer to the following steps.

How to Overcome Black Blank or Broken Videos When Playing With VLC:

  • First open the VLC media player application, and then you press menu
    and select preferences or directly by pressing CTRL+P on the keyboard.
How to Fix Black/Broken Blank Video When Playing in VLC
  • Next go to input menu/codec. Now, in the hardware-accerered decoding section, please change it from automatic to disable.
  • After that on option x264 preset and tuning selection change from ultrafast to medium.

  • Then when you have finished doing the settings, please click save/save.
  • Close the VLC player application to apply these settings.
How to Fix Black/Broken Blank Video When Playing in VLC
  • If you have, please start re-opening the VLC media player application on your laptop or computer and try to open your video, which if it played broken or only appears black blank and now your video will appear complete and smooth between the image and the audio.

Okay, that’s it how to solve black/broken blanks when playing videos with the VLC media player application on your laptop/computer. Hopefully the above method can help those of you who are having problems watching movies with the VLC Media Player application. Thank you for your attention and see you in the next article post.