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How To Find Wifi Network Thief And Block It Through Android

How To Find Wifi Network Thief And Block It Through Android – Usually wifi networks are often searched for when someone does not have an internet package quota. I don’t know how to find hot spot in places that have free or request wifi facilities tethering wifi on our own friend’s cellphone. But on the other hand, have your friends ever asked to ride wifi tethering from our devices?. Whether it’s from a portable modem or from a cellphone used for wifi.

When your friend asks for tethering, of course you as a friend will allow him to access the connection via the hotspot on our cellphone by way of activate hotspot on cellphone then also tell wifi password his. And at that time, have you ever felt that if your internet quota runs out quickly or if you are using the internet, the connection becomes slow?. You need to know if a device has ever been connected to a hotspot on your cellphone, it will usually connect automatically if the device has wifi enabled.

If you are sharing a wifi connection on your device and don’t want other people to be able to access it too because it will make the connection slow. Then you need to know how to find out who is using your wifi network and also how to block it via an android phone. Because this way of course will make you safe and can also monitor who your wifi users are via your android phone.

So by only using an android device you can detect which devices are accessing your wifi. Then how to find out the thief of our wifi network?. Well, by using the application block wifi freeloader You can find out who is using your wifi starting from devices you know or don’t know. And even this app can also block your wifi thief. Pretty interesting isn’t it? If you are already curious then follow the steps below.

  • First make sure you have a modem / device that is used as wifi that is already connected to your android phone. Because your android phone will later be used as a tool for monitoring or monitoring from your wifi.
  • Download and install the application block wifi freeloader for free via google play store. You can see the application display in the image below.
How To Find Wifi Network Thief And Block It Through Android
  • Make sure your android phone is connected to the modem/wifi first.
  • The next step you open the application, then do rescan to find out a number of android devices that use your wifi. Look at the screenshot image below.
how to know someone is using our wifi network

  • If you have scanned, then this application will display a number of devices that are logged into your wifi. And here you can distinguish between devices that you can recognize and those that you don’t recognize. And when connected the device names will be named foreign. As seen in the image below.
how to find out who is connected to our wifi network
  • If you feel that the connected device you recognize but the application still reads foreign, then please click foreign then the name will change to recognized. Because by changing it you will be able to distinguish between devices you know and those you don’t know.
how to find out who is the thief of our wifi network
  • If you are curious about your foreign device or device, please look at the device in detail with click device name then if you want to block it click foreign block device. For more details, you can see through the image below.
how to block our wifi thief via android phone

  • Done. By doing as above, your wifi will be safe now. Because with this application, of course, you can monitor who are foreign or known device users. And if you don’t want a device to access your wifi network then you can immediately block the device.

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