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How to find out who blocked our Instagram account

How to find out who blocked our Instagram account – Currently, more Instagram users are paying more attention to privacy. Not a few Instagram users prefer to secure their Instagram account by locking the account or choosing the private option. So when people who are not friends on Instagram, then they can’t see all the photos and videos unless they have followed them and have been successfully approved or accepted to follow them and then they can see all the contents of the photos and videos on Instagram.

And for now, Instagram has also provided security features such as creating private posts, claiming copyright, reporting spam and blocking users. So when at any time your Instagram account is misused by someone else, then you can report it to Instagram. Well, if you talk about blocking friends on Instagram, maybe some of you already know how, right? Then how do you feel when you find out that your Instagram account has been blocked by your friends for no reason. It must be really painful to use, isn’t it? Therefore, you need to know what reasons that friend or person has so that they have the heart to block our Instagram account.

How to find out who blocked our Instagram account

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The activity of blocking other users usually occurs when there is a feeling of dislike or feeling annoyed by that person’s actions. Therefore blocking users on Instagram needs to be done in order to create a sense of peace and tranquility when using Instagram. Even in the Instagram application, there is no limit on how much we can block. So we are free to block anyone and any number of users we want to block.

And if when you are in a position as a person who has been blocked by our friends on Instagram, then of course you want to know right, who are the people who blocked your Instagram account?. Because if you find out who blocked instagram You guys, or for example, we find someone or our own friend, then we will clarify what causes and reasons for our friends to block your Instagram.

And before going into the discussion about the steps to find out who blocked our IG account, you first need to know about the characteristics of your Instagram account that is blocked by a friend.

The characteristics of an Instagram account that is blocked by others:

First, you can not send him a message or direct message. When you are blocked by a friend, the Instagram application will automatically turn off the direct message feature on the account that has blocked you. And most likely when you can’t send him messages anymore then your account is included in the list of blocked accounts in your friend’s account.

Second, can’t find the account name of the person who has blocked. Well, when someone has blocked your account, it is certain that when we search for his name, we can no longer find his account name on Instagram. Because Instagram has automatically turned off the name search feature on the account name that has blocked us. But we also need to investigate it first, because maybe they just changed the name of the profile.

Well, those are the characteristics of an Instagram account that has been blocked by another user. And when you are curious about who and how many have blocked us. Then you can follow the steps below.

How to find out who blocked our Instagram account:

  • Here you can track who has blocked your Instagram with the help of an application. For the application, please, you can download it via google play store named Follower track for instagram. And for the appearance of the application itself you can see in the image below.
How to find out who blocked our Instagram account
  • Then if you have downloaded and installed the application, then you just open the application.
  • Next, please login with your Instagram account.
application that is used to find out who blocked our IG account
  • Once open please click on the option who blocked me. Well, there you will see who and how many people have blocked your Instagram.
how to see the list of people who have blocked our instagram account

  • But the drawback of the above application is that you have to upgrade this application to a pro version or it can be said to be paid if you want to see clearly who blocked your Instagram account. Because if in the free version the name of the blocker will look vague or blurred by the application.