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How to Find Lost Android Smartphone With Android Device Manager

If you have ever experienced the loss of an Android smartphone, whether it was due to a fall or forgetting to put it or it was stolen by someone, then the first response is confusion mixed with panic and sadness. Especially if the price of your android smartphone is expensive or maybe the credit has not been paid off, it will certainly add to the headache. Fortunately, in this article, we will discuss about ways or tips to find a lost android smartphone. So how do you find the lost smartphone? and the way to find it is to track the whereabouts of the android phone using the android device manager or commonly abbreviated as ADM.

Android device manager (ADM) is a feature that is used to help android users to track the location of their cellphone/smartphone.

What are the advantages of this android device manager (ADM)?

  1. With ADM we can find a lost cell phone by tracking it in two ways, namely by activating or ringing a ringtone and the second is by activating the location search feature.
  2. We can lock our android phone by using a password remotely.
  3. Can delete all data in smartphone memory (except SD card).

And there are several requirements to be able to use this Android device manager, including the following:

1. Your Android smartphone must always be connected or connected to the internet.

2. Always remember the google account used on the smartphone. Starting from the email name and also the password or password.

3. Do the settings to activate the android device manager. The way is by going to the menu
Settings safety device administrator – then tick on find my device.

For more details about the steps above, you can see in the following image.

how to find lost android phone with adm

4. Set the device so that it can be accessed remotely. How to enter the menu google settings security find my device check both options like in the picture below.

how to set the device so that it can be accessed remotely

5. Then do the settings to activate the location services.

activate location

Now if you have done the above five conditions correctly then it’s time to access the smartphone remotely. You can use a computer or laptop or by using another smartphone as a media monitor.

To track the whereabouts of a smartphone using the Android Device Manager (ADM) by typing find my device on the google search engine. If it is already
sign in into a google account (gmail) using the same account as the smartphone to be tracked. Then the type of smartphone that is connected will appear. See the image below for more details.

Steps to track lost android smartphone

If you have, you click on the type of smartphone that is connected, the next screen will look like in the image below. So on the menu you will see several options or feature options to access the phone remotely. Like ring tones, lock screen and also wipe data.

display on android device manager features

Features ring tone / play sound

You can use this feature if you forget to put your phone. This ringtone will sound loudly for 5 minutes even if the phone is on silent.

feature of ringing ringtones with ADM

Features lock device/lock

This feature provides additional features, namely displaying messages or phone numbers.

If previously your phone didn’t have a password or pattern when you opened the screen, then you can just lock it with the password you want to create in this option. So that people who find this phone can’t open or access your cellphone.

Then you can also write a message on this option. This message will be sent to anyone who finds your phone. You can include your cellphone number so that the inventor of the android phone can return it by contacting you. For example, if the inventor of the cellphone is kind, your cellphone will be returned because of a message that you convey.

lock the device by using the ADM feature

Features wipe data/erase

In this feature you can delete data from the internal memory or phone memory. So if you are afraid that there are some files that are afraid of being misused, then you can do the option to erase data from the cellphone so that all the data in the lost smartphone memory will be erased.

Deleting data in internal memory by using ADM

And to find location namely by clicking on the phone image on maps. You can clearly see the position of the smartphone. And you can scroll up to clarify the location.

find the whereabouts of a lost phone with ADM

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