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How to find friends on Facebook via contact / cellphone number

How to find friends on Facebook through contacts / cellphone numbers by Pejuang

We can do it easily, whether you are a regular Facebook user or fb lite, you can follow the tutorial that we share this time, so make sure you read this article carefully until it’s finished.

Facebook is a social media application that has a lot of users, and in fact there are still many people who actively use Facebook to share moments or communicate with other people remotely.

In the Facebook application we will be able to make friends with other Facebook users easily. Because sometimes on Facebook there are suggestions of friends that may be followed by our Facebook friends or as they are called, people you may know like that.

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How to find friends on Facebook through contacts

Well, for those of you who want to know how to find friends on Facebook via their cellphone number or phone contact, for example, you haven’t contacted him for a long time, either because you don’t use the cellphone number, the cellphone number is no longer active or has changed numbers, but usually the number is still there. connected to his facebook account then we can find the person’s facebook account, then contact him to ask for his new phone number.

And here is the tutorial that you can follow via the Android phone that you use in the latest version of the 2022 Facebook application.

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  • First open the Facebook application, then you can tap the 3 line icon at the top of the Facebook display.
  • After that, scroll down to the bottom and click on the “settings and privacy” menu.
  • After that, select the “settings” menu.
  • Then select “profile settings”.
  • After that scroll down and click on “media and contacts”.
  • Next you activate the menu “upload contacts continuously”.
  • Next you click on “start”.
  • After that, Facebook will immediately carry out the process of synchronizing the contacts or cellphone numbers stored on your cellphone with the Facebook accounts of the people you saved the numbers for. And after that, people or suggested Facebook accounts will appear based on the contacts stored on your cellphone, you can add friends from the results that appear.

Okay so that’s the tutorial on how to find friends on Facebook via contacts / cellphone numbers easily through the regular Facebook application on an Android phone. That’s all and please try the tutorial.