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How to Edit Zoom Effect Video on Kinemaster Android

Currently, you don’t have to use a computer to make or edit videos. For those of you who only have an Android smartphone or cellphone, you can easily make professional-looking video edits. And one of the applications that you can use to edit videos with full features is the kinemaster application. Where on this occasion we will share a video editing tutorial with kinemaster, namely how to zoom a video on kinemaster, be it zoo in or zoom out.

how to zoom in or zoom out on kinemaster

The reason why I prefer to edit videos with kinemaster, is because the kinemaster application is an application that has a myriad of features that can be used to make cool video editing. There are many effects and tools that you can use when using the Kinemaster application. In addition, this application is also light when used. For those of you who haven’t downloaded it, please download it first on the Google Playstore for free. And if you want to use more features in it, you can upgrade to the paid version. Because you will enjoy more kinemaster video effects, or also the results later without a watermark.

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Back to zoom in or zoom out effect in kinemaster. Well, this effect is usually used to clarify or enlarge the video view on an object. For example, there is a video that moves and then the video is given a zoom effect, then the view will appear and focus on the zoomed object in the video. And for the steps, how to make a zoom in or zoom out effect in the kinemaster application, you can follow the method below:

How to Edit Zoom Video on Kinemaster Android:

  • Open the kinemaster application, select the aspect ratio you want in editing. And to insert videos/images you can press the media icon.
how to zoom video on kinemaster
  • After you enter the video or image, please press the pan and zoom icon.

How to Edit Zoom Video on Kinemaster Android
  • In this option will appear the start position and end position.
  • Please set it to the initial position you want, and continue to set it to the final position you want.
  • To adjust the position, please use two fingers to enlarge the object.

How to Edit Zoom Effect Video on Kinemaster Android
  • Remember, don’t activate the equal sign, because if you activate it, the zoom in / zoom out effect on the video will not work.

So that’s how to make a zoom effect video on Kinemaster via an Android phone. Please try to practice yourself by editing the videos you have in the above way. And make sure you are not wrong in following the steps written above so that the zoom in or zoom out video that you make can be successful. That is all and thank you.