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How to Edit Music Images or Songs on Android Easily

Change the photo or logo image of the music album cover – Downloading music on a site on the internet is something we often do if we like our favorite song, especially if the song is still a trending topic so we will be curious to listen to it. So of course by downloading we can play it anytime offline on our favorite smartphone. After downloading the song, of course you want to play it either using a music player application such as Google Play Music or with other music player applications.

But behind it all, of course, in order to get a sense of comfort and enjoyment when listening to music entertainment, usually the media player will display a number of complete information such as song titles and album images. But from that, sometimes the music that we get when we download on the internet, not all songs have detailed information about the song, such as an unknown title and a logo image with an unknown person or the name of a website. All of that could have been changed or edited by the uploader of the song.

If all the song lists in the media player provide information that is not clear, of course we will have difficulty when we want to find the song we want to listen to, right? especially if the list of songs reaches hundreds. Of course this will confuse ourselves.

Now to edit the details of the song on the cellphone, you can just look for a myriad of software in the playstore, but on this occasion fortunately fightermuda45 will recommend an application from the playstore called iTag where we can get this application for free and also its use is very easy. We can also use this application to replace the background of the mp3 image with our image or photo, for example, so that it looks more attractive or we can also use it to edit the title of the song, if the title does not match the title of the song. And there is more that you can do using this iTag application. So, if you are curious, you can follow the steps in the review below.

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The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install the application iTag from playstore.
  • Open the iTag application, then wait until the loading is complete, the loading process will load all the number of songs available on your mobile device.
  • Select the type of song you want to change the image logo for. After that then click clean cover (default image will be deleted automatically). For more details, you can see in the image below.
how to change photo or music background logo on android
  • Next select pick picturein this option, you just enter the type of image that you think fits this music if you click it save. As in the following image.
how to edit mp3 music logo image on android

After completing the steps above, now the logo image or background photo has been replaced.

  • Then if you want to correct or edit the song title, album name, singer name, song genre, and year of manufacture, all you have to do is scroll down and then when you’re done, just press save. For a picture of how it looks, see the image below.
how to edit song details on android
That’s it how to change the song background logo and also edit the song details. It’s easy enough, isn’t it? Please if you are interested you can just try it and good luck.
Enough of posting articles on this occasion, hopefully it can be useful and thank you for visiting our blog and if you like, please comment if there are shortcomings in terms of writing or whatever it is in the comments column below.

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