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How to Easily Make Transitions in Alight Motion

The Alight Motion Pro application is an application that is currently widely used for video editing. With this app, you can create cool slide videos and also create your own animations.

However, in its implementation, this application is often used to create photo slides that are used as videos, because the effects that this application has are quite a lot, especially for the transitions you can make yourself. Then, how to make transitions in alight motion?

How to Create Transitions in Alight Motion

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How to Create Transitions in Alight Motion

1. Please download and also install the Alight Motion application through the Play Store for Android, and also the App Store for iPhone.

2. If you have successfully downloaded and installed it, please open the Alight Motion application. Then click the + icon to create a new project. Adjust the desired settings, or if you want to change the size, then you can click Create Project.

3. Insert the photo you want to make a video slide for. You can enter more than one photo. Please cut the duration of the photo to just 1 second, do this for all the photos you choose.

4. Adjust the photo to the screen frame by clicking on the photo below, then to adjust it you only need to pinch the screen so that it can be reduced and also enlarged.

5. Add a mirror effect to the photo by clicking effects -> add effects -> Distortion/WAP and please search for an effect named Tiles. Activate the mirror effect and do this for the whole photo.

6. At this stage, Ana will add a slide transition effect to the right. Please click move and transform -> move tana


7. Click the diamond icon and then click the + sign at the beginning of the photo and also at the end of the photo. To slide to the right means that you only need to drag the photo to the left at the beginning of the diamond.

8. Add a syntag to make the video less harsh and the result will be better. Move the time line cursor towards the center of the photo, then click the syntax icon. Adjust to individual tastes.

9. At this stage, you have finished creating a transition video with a slide effect to the right on the first photo. Then, please add a motion blur effect to make the transition even more perfect.

10. Click the first photo on the timeline -> select effects -> blur -> motion blur.

And that’s how to make transitions in alight motion easily. Follow the steps above correctly to get maximum results. September be useful.