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How to Easily Create Keyframes in Alight Motion

How to Create Keyframes in Alight Motion – Some of you may still not know how to create keyframes in Align Motion. Whereas Keyframe is the most important part that must be in every file or animation project that you create in the Alight Motion application.

Without creating a keyframe, a warning will appear that says “Keyframe RequiredYou also can’t edit the animation without having at least 2 keyframes.

Well, to solve this problem, then for us beginners in using alight motion app In this tutorial, let’s learn together how to create keyframes in animation in the Align Motion Android and iOS applications.

How to Create Keyframes in Alight Motion

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How to Create Keyframes in Alight Motion

Simply put, a keyframe is an image or main point in an animation that is a sign of what objects will move and where. Usually, there are 2 to hundreds of keyframes in animations available.

How to use keyframes is also actually easy. You only need to specify the start, middle and end points of the animation.

To create a background animation in Alight Motion yourself, you don’t need to create too many keyframes. 2 to 5 keyframes will suffice.

To be clear, please understand how to create a keyframe in alight motion below.

Steps to Create a Keyframe in Alight Motion

  • The first step, open the Alight Motion application on their respective cellphones
  • Then click without + to create a new project
  • Set the resolution, frame rate and ratio as usual
  • Next, input any photos, videos or footage you want to edit
  • Before entering the effect, first create a keyframe by clicking the diamond icon with the plus sign above the Mirror
  • Move the timeline to the middle of the duration of the entire footage, then click the keyframe icon once again
  • Then you can add the desired animation effects to the video

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Such is the explanation of how to create a keyframe in Alight Motion. If you want to create animations that are slightly longer in duration, we recommend creating more keyframes. This will simplify the animation editing process and make the results smoother.