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How To Easily Change Android Keyboard To iPhone

How to Turn Android Keyboard Into iPhone by Warrior

How to change the android keyboard into an iPhone – The iPhone cellphone is still the dream cellphone that everyone has. With a fairly expensive price, the iPhone makes a high-end cellphone, so many people are proud to have an iPhone, especially for the latest iPhone.

For those who only have an Android cellphone, don’t be discouraged, because we can be more creative by customizing the Android cellphone so that the appearance and all of its contents can be changed to be like an iPhone.

It starts with applying a theme on your cellphone, you can use iOS themes for any Android phone, besides that, you can also change the appearance of your WhatsApp to be like an iPhone using the modified WhatsApp application.

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How to Turn Android Keyboard Into iPhone

As for the appearance of the keyboard on the iPhone itself, it looks different from the Android keyboard in general, so for those of you who want to try using the iPhone keyboard, you can use one of these applications to be able to change the appearance of the Android keyboard to iPhone or iOS, I think they look very similar. For the steps you can follow the following.

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How to Change Android Keyboard to iPhone:

  • First, please download the application green apple keyboard in Google play store for free.
How to Change Android Keyboard to iPhone
  • Once installed, open the Apple keyboard application that was downloaded earlier.
  • Click on the section Switch input method
  • Choose Green Apple Keyboard
  • Done, a keyboard theme will appear where you can choose a keyboard theme, you can use dark, red, and others.

Okay, so that’s the tutorial on how to easily change the Android keyboard to an iPhone. What do you think? looks so similar doesn’t it? Also, you can use iOS emojis directly in the emoji section. Okay, so the information that we can convey this time may be useful and good luck trying it.

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