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How to download all photos on your Facebook account at once

How to download all the photos on your Facebook account at once – The news circulating about the blocking of facebook turned out to be very horrendous in the world. No exception from the Indonesian people themselves. And in this case, of course, many people are considering if they have to leave this site because of this problem. Because the Facebook application has a big role in Indonesian society. In addition, many people are used to using social media Facebook for their daily needs.

And in Facebook, the role of privacy is very important. For example, this time I will discuss privacy regarding photos that we upload to Facebook. Well, regarding privacy, of course, we as Facebook users must be more careful in storing photos. I’m afraid the photos stored on Facebook are being misused by irresponsible people. And it would be nice if you really have a personal photo collection, it’s better to store it in a separate storage media such as a hard drive or flash drive. So the two media are arguably safer than having to save on social media which of course can be accessed by many people.

Well, if you have been using Facebook as a place to store personal photos. So there is a possibility if one day you intend to take or download photos of past memories, right?. Whether for your needs or just missing old photos. And if you have the intention to take all the photos on Facebook, it is very easy and simple. Because there is a way to download or save all the photos on your Facebook account at once. So you don’t need to go back and forth to download one by one the photos in the Facebook album which can make you a little dizzy yourself. And this is usually done if you are having problems with privacy or just to back up all data.

Then how to take or save photos in the Facebook photo album as a whole at once?. So to do this it’s better for you to use a pc / computer because if you use a mobile device it may not work properly. Because the files you may receive are very large. If you use a PC or computer version this process will be somewhat faster. And through this article we will explain an easy way to download all photos and other data on your Facebook account.

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How to download all photos in a facebook album at once:

  • First step please click on arrow which is in the upper right corner. Then select Settings.
How to download all photos on your Facebook account at once

  • Then click download copy
    your facebook data. It’s at the bottom of the list. For more details, please see the image below.
how to take photos on facebook album as a whole at once
  • Next select start my archive. And in this option facebook will ask you to enter password to verify your identity and of course this aims to protect your privacy as well.
how to download photo albums on facebook all at once
  • After that, you wait a few minutes, because Facebook will summarize all the information in your personal profile in the form of a RAR filessometimes we have to wait long enough for Facebook to send the email that you use to log in to your Facebook account.

  • If you have, then next you click on download archive. As seen in the image below.
how to save all photos in facebook account at once
  • If you have finished downloading, then all folders in the form of photos, videos, messages and feeds that are in your personal facebook account will automatically be downloaded to your computer in the form of ZIP/RAR. And to open it, all you have to do is extract the file.

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