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How to Downgrade Applications on Xiaomi Android Phones Easily

Updating Android apps to the latest version is sometimes a dilemma for some people. Because not all applications with the latest versions can satisfy users. Sometimes there are some features that are omitted or are no longer compatible with the user’s smartphone.

And when you want to return the application to the previous version, you can’t even go through the Play Store. Meanwhile, if you continue to use the old version of the application, the notification to update the application will always appear. Especially if you activate the automatic update feature and the application will update automatically.

How to downgrade the application on a Xiaomi cellphone

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How to downgrade an application on a Xiaomi cellphone

For you smartphone users with the Xiaomi brand, then there are several ways to return the new version of the application to the old version or also known as downgrade the application on the Xiaomi cellphone. And actually not only Xiaomi, all Android smartphones can actually use this search. For more information, you can see below:

Visit APKMirror Situs Site

For those of you who want to downgrade the Android application, then you can visit the APK provider site through your smartphone browser. One of the well-known and reputable APK provider sites is Although you need to always be aware of the possibility of entering malware viruses in applications provided by APK provider sites other than the Play Store. But APKMirror at least has a reputation that isn’t that bad.

After opening the APKMirror site, now you only need to find the application you want to search for in the site search field. First, make sure you have noted down the version of the application that you want to download and install, so that later you don’t go wrong when you want to download the desired version of the application.

After you have found the version of the application you want, now you only need to download the Apk to the mobile you have. And make sure not to forget to uninstall or delete the original application on your phone.

After finished downloading the desired apk, now you need to go to your phone’s settings to allow external applications to be installed on the device you are using. The method is quite easy, you just need to go to Settings or Settingsthen look for the menu Securityin the security menu you check the option Allow Installation of Apps From Unknown Sources.

If you have, then you open the file manager and look for the previously downloaded application to install it. After it is installed, don’t forget to turn off the Auto-Update option so that the application does not automatically update.

Well, that’s all you need to do if you want to do downgrade android app version on xiaomi phone. Hopefully the above method can be easily understood by you and hopefully useful.