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How to display network speed on the Realme C21Y cellphone

How to display network speed on the Realme C21Y cellphone

How to Display Network Speed ​​on the Realme C21Y Cellphone – For those of you users of the Realme C21y cellphone who want to display internet or network speed on your realme cellphone screen, and have been looking for the feature in settings and haven’t found it yet. So at this time we will share the method for all of you, namely using an alternative method.

Actually for the realme c21y cellphone itself there is no built-in feature to display network speed or the speed of an internet connection, so here for an alternative way that we use is to use additional applications that we recommend.

The application to display network speed on the realme cellphone that we use here is called internet speed lite. You can get and download it safely on Google Playstore with a small application size. So it doesn’t take up much storage space on the realme c21y cellphone that we use. Also Read: 2 Easy Ways to Disable WA on Realme Cellphones

How to display network speed on the Realme C21Y cellphone

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More for how to display network speed in realme c21y can be seen directly below.

1. Open Google Playstore,

2. Then search for and download the internet speed lite application.

3. Then if it is, we just open the application on our realme c21y cellphone.

4. If you have then tap on the three dots on the top right on the application display, then we will be faced with the preferences view.

5. Next we set for the display of the application, you can just put a check mark on the words hide lockscreen notification / hide lockscreen notifications or you can just tick on show upload / download speed. You can also select the speed unit option to be displayed, namely on the speed unit menu.

6. If you have, then you test to upload and download data or applications, you will see the network speed or signal.

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Okay, so that’s the alternative for how to display network speed on the realme c21 cellphone, namely by using additional applications. Hopefully this method is useful and thank you for dropping by here.