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How To Disable Automatic App Updates On Android Easily

How to disable automatic app updates on android – If you usually use a wifi network whether it’s when teathering a wifi hotspot from other people, surely you’ve experienced what is called automatic application updates. This often happens because by default the application installed on your Android smartphone that is downloaded via Google Playstore will automatically update if the application has the latest version.

If suddenly some of the applications that you have downloaded on the Playstore experience updates or updates by themselves, sometimes this will make some people feel disturbed. Because when the application update takes place, of course, the download process will automatically. And this causes our internet network to be slow. Because it is disturbed by the process of downloading the application update.

Moreover, if we do not routinely update the installed application, there will be more updates to the application. And if we don’t want to update the application first then we need to cancel downloading the application update. If many applications have not been updated, the more we have to cancel the update. And this of course will interfere with our time.

Well, actually from the incident above we can easily disable the auto update feature of applications on Android. Then how to turn off or disable automatic application updates?. And for how you can follow the steps below.

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Here’s how to disable auto-update apps on Android:

  • Your first step is to open google play store app through your Android smartphone.
  • After that, then click the icon in the top left corner. As in the picture I have marked the following.

How To Disable Automatic App Updates On Android Easily
  • The next step will appear many options or menu options. Then continue by selecting the menu suit. Look at the image below.

how to fix android apps that update automatically
  • Then click on the option automatic app updates.
  • Then you change the option to do not update the application automatically. For more details about this step you can see in the image below.

how to turn off the auto update feature of apps on android

After performing the steps above, the application installed on your Android smartphone will not update automatically. And actually the purpose of the application is to update the application automatically, which is of course intended for those of you who are lazy to update applications manually. Because basically if the application is not updated when the application has the latest version, maybe the application will not work properly. Well, because you changed it in the settings as above, if there is an application that needs to be updated, you will get an immediate notification.

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