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How to Delete Text on Photos Without an App

How to Delete Text on Photos Without an App – The era is very sophisticated now, even to get a cool photo or image can be done easily with just a cellphone. Especially now that several popular chat applications such as whatsapp, telegram and even social media applications such as instagram or facebook, often display photos or images that are a pity if we don’t save or save them to our cellphone gallery.

For example, on Instagram, we find photos from other people’s uploads that seem so cool or for example from idol artist posts, but sometimes it usually has a watermark or the name of the Instagram account owner of the photo, of course it will make us think first when we want to share it again as a status on whatsapp for example, because the writing on the photo will interfere with the aesthetics of the photo or image.

So we need to delete or remove the writing on the photo to make it look more authentic. And to delete the writing in the photo, now we can do it easily with the help of an application on Android, precisely if we want to find it, it can be found or downloaded via Google Playstore. Such as photo editing applications that can be used to delete objects such as picsart, lightroom, snapseed, or instant object delete applications such as watermark managers and so on.

How to Delete Text on Photos Without an App

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However, I’m sure that someone’s tendency will definitely prefer a more instant way than if you download or install the application again on the Android phone they are using. The reasons are of course various, including the lack of internal memory on the Android phone, economical quota, seeming complicated and others.

Well, therefore, on this occasion I will share with friends who have stopped by my blog, which is how to delete text on photos without an application. So later on, you no longer need to download applications from the Playstore, and just edit photos and delete this article online by using the mobile phone’s default browser application, such as Google Chrome for example. For the steps, please refer to the following.

  • The first step, you can directly visit the site called to delete text on photos online
  • Next, upload your photo where you want to remove the text or text.
  • After that, you will go directly to the photo editing page, and there you can immediately shade the text or text that you want to delete, using the tools as shown in the following image.
How to Delete Text on Photos Without an App
  • Don’t forget that when shading the part that you want to remove is neater, then you can zoom in to enlarge the photo.
  • Then, if you are finished, then press the green “erase” button at the top menu to process to remove the shaded part or the writing.
How to Delete Text on Photos Without an App
  • Wait for the process to finish, and then you can directly download the results and save them to the gallery on your cellphone.

Well, so that’s how to delete writing on photos without additional applications, of course the method above is very simple and you can try to use it to edit photos to remove other objects, or is it pictures of people in photos, objects and so on that seem to interfere with the view. . Thank you and hopefully useful.