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How to Delete Copied Links on Chrome Android Phone

How To Delete Copied Links In Chrome

How to Remove Copied Links in Chrome by Warrior

How to delete a copied link in chrome – When we browse with the google chrome application on an android phone and visit a website looking for the information we need. Sometimes if we copy the text or url on the site, it will be recorded in the history of the link copied in google chrome.

This sometimes makes us as users feel that it is something that is private in nature, because the browser is more likely to be used by other people when borrowing our cellphones when we want to browse to find the information needed by them.

When other people see a link or url from the website that we copied, if you don’t want to expect other people who borrowed the cellphone to know, then we can delete the history easily. How to remove copied link in chrome? Please see the method below.

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How to Delete a Link in Google Chrome that We Copy:

For the method, we do this by deleting the copy history in the clipboard on the Android Gboard keyboard. Because indeed the function of this clipboard is to store text or links copied from anywhere, such as from certain websites on google. When we want to remove it from chrome, do the following:

First step :

  • Sign in to the google chrome application,
  • Then tap the search field
  • And after the google keyboard or keyboard appears, then here we just tap on the clipboard icon,
  • Next to delete it, we tap on the pencil icon, and then select all or some copies of the link or text that we don’t want to be displayed.
how to remove copied link in chrome

  • And after that, tap the delete icon, then the copied link will be deleted directly from the history of the link you copied.
  • Done.

Well, if it still appears from the search history list on Google Chrome, then follow the steps below.

Second way:

  • Long press on the text of the link you copied,
  • After that select delete.
  • And then usually the text of the link that you copied is still there, but if we look or we click it will not display the copied link.
  • To delete the text, just long press it, then select delete.

Well, if when you type in a search in the form of a link and it turns out that a suggested link that you have visited before, then for how to delete the suggested link, just long tap on the suggested link and then delete it.

Okay so that’s the tutorial how to delete a copied link in chrome android. Hopefully this brief information is useful for all readers and thank you for visiting.