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How to Counter Natalia Jungler in Mobile Legends a la ONIC Esports!

This is How to Counter Natalia Jungler in Mobile Legends a la ONIC Esports!

After being used in MPL PH and MPL ID Season 10, now META Natalia jungler is starting to appear in ranked mode.

This is certainly quite annoying considering Natalia has the ability to disappear while dealing very deadly damage.

No wonder the META is now starting to mushroom because it can be said to be quite effective in achieving victory.

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How to Counter Natalia Jungler According to ONIC SamoHt

ONIC Samoht x Butss
source: MPL ID

Unfortunately, if you can’t use Natalia jungler, of course you need a way to overcome the hero.

Until finally, one of ONIC Esports’ mainstay roamers, Thomas “SamoHt“Obadja provides a way to overcome the trending META.

Through an MPL ID Season 10 media interview, he gave tips and tricks on how to counter Natalia jungler.

“One of the best ways against Natalia jungle is to use the Tank Jungle draft because she is able to invade back when the opponent tries to play aggressively,” said SamoHt in front of the media crew.

This is certainly not surprising because of course Natalia can’t do it instant kill against tank heroes.

The draft will certainly hamper Natalia’s high mobility so that it will reduce the effectiveness of the META.

So, that’s how to counter META Natalia jungler in Mobile Legends a la ONIC SamoHt.

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