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How to Counter Julian in Mobile Legends ala Pro Player, Must Try!

How to Counter Julian in Mobile Legends ala Pro Player, Must Try!

Even though he got a nerf, Julian is still one of the heroes who is quite OP in Mobile Legends,

The reason is, the hero does have various combos that he uses to overcome his opponents in the Land of Dawn with very deadly damage.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to counter Julian in Mobile Legends.

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Aura Tezet
Source: Doc. Personal

Until finally it got the attention of one of the trainers at the MPL ID Season 10 event, namely Joshua “Tezet“Sanger.

The AURA Fire trainer shared some tips and tricks against Julian in Mobile Legends.

“First, you have to pay attention to the two skills that Julian first released,” said Tezet.

According to him, this is because when you pay attention to Julian’s two initial skills, you are able to predict what steps Julian will take next.

“Secondly, Julian is a weak hero in the early game, especially if he’s not level 3. So, before level 3, that’s the right time to put pressure on it,” he added.

In addition, he also gave a final suggestion that would certainly increase effectiveness in dealing with Julian.

“Wait when Julian’s skills are all out and at that time is the weakest time and the right moment to kill Julian,” close Tezet.

So, that’s how to counter Julian in Mobile Legends according to AURA Tezet who is the trainer of AURA Fire.

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