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How to Copy Hashtags, Bios, Captions, Comments on the Instagram Application

Copy or copy Hashtag, Bio, Caption, comments on Instagram – Instagram is the best social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Apart from being used for personal purposes, Instagram is also widely used for online business purposes. Many out there Instagram users promote and also market their wares using this application.

You don’t need to be surprised why many users make posts accompanied by various hashtags. Sometimes not only on Instagram, but on other social media as well. The purpose of creating hashtags is for grouping to make it easier to find our posts. For example, we upload photos while on vacation at Maribaya Lembang, Bandung. Now we can create hashtags with the name Lemabang. So when someone searches for a name with the keyword lembang, your photo will automatically appear there.

In addition to the hashtag when you open Instagram, the first thing you see is the person’s biography. Especially if your Instagram is made with the purpose of business land, then the use of bio is of course very important and must also be interesting. It is no different from captions, where captions are made to explain pictures or writings to make them seem clear and interesting. To help explain other users who are looking behind the image.

Sometimes the contents of the caption of creative users will create a memorable or motivating text. From the little explanation above, our impression of copying various writings sometimes appears, if we want to share it with friends or other people. But we still have trouble how to copy from the bio, caption, or hashtag on the Instagram.

Because we are also aware that Instagram certainly does not provide a feature on how to copy it.

After reading this article, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because we’re going to use a simple way how we copy everything. In this case we only need one application named universal copy android on your smartphone. Where this application will help you to copy the selected text.

Not only used on Instagram, but we can use it in other applications.

The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install the application
    universal copy on your favorite smartphone.
  • Then open the universal copy application, then activate this application. After you activate it, this application will ask for access from accessibility to open it press open settings.
how to copy or copy hashtags, bio, captions, comments on instagram

  • Then set it on accessibility by activating it again on universal copy. Once active, the universal copy application will automatically appear in the window pane shortcut. As shown in the image below.
application to copy or copy bio posts, hashtags, captions, comments on Instagram

  • Now if all of them are active, then open your Instagram application then search or browse the hashtag, bio, caption or comment that you want to copy.
  • then drag the panel to click the universal copy shortcut that you created earlier. Then the shortcut will lead to the screen. Click and select the word you want to copy. Next select the symbol copy. Then it will automatically be copied to the clipboard
copy or copy text using universal copy app

Those were some easy ways copy text using universal copy. The universal copy function or ability is very useful for copying text from any application including the Instagram application.
And maybe that’s all this post may be useful. Thanks and good luck trying it.

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