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How to Control a Laptop with an Android Phone

Controlling laptop with android phone – For this time, in the young warrior blog, I will explain a little about what a desktop/laptop remote control is and how to install it, which might help you a little. Septemberbe for those of you who have just returned from the term remote desktop, yup, this will certainly be a new science and new experience in computer science. Which of course can later be used to solve problems on your friend’s PC or computer, maybe again you need additional devices that you want to install and much more and all of that can be solved remotely.
There are lots of Remote Desktop Software scattered in several app stores available on Android, but on this occasion I will use an application called RD Client.
RD Client or it can also be called Remote Desktop Client is an operating system from windows that functions to control other computers connected through a network.
So in other words, if you want to control your computer remotely, you can simply use this remote desktop application, so it’s as if you are in front of the computer you are controlling.

We can do many things using a remote desktop, even almost everything we can control here, such as deleting files, installing software, network configuration, shutdown on the computer that we control. To activate this remote desktop feature, for example, I’m currently using the Windows 7 operating system, and the steps are as follows:

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1. On Desktop / computer

  • Go to my computer menu then right click.
  • Then click properties. As in the screenshot below.
my computer
  • Then on the system properties tab, select On Allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop (less source).
  • Then click Apply then Ok.

system properties

2. On Android Smartphone
  • The first step is to download the remote desktop application or RD Client.
  • Then install the application. After the installation is complete, open the application.
  • If it is already installed click on the top right corner on the + button and select menu desktop.
  • Then enter your computer’s IP address, username and password.
  • When finished click connect.

Later after clicking connected then we can automatically control all desktop activities through our smartphones.

windows 7 display on android

Some of the requirements to be able to connect when using this remote desktop are as follows:

  • Both the computer that will be remotely connected and the android device that will remotely configure it again are connected to one network.
  • Remote access on the computer is enabled.
  • On windows computers must have a password and also a username

Septemberbe that’s the post this time about how to control desktop with android phone, hopefully useful and increase knowledge. Thank you for being on the young warrior blog, don’t forget to visit again.