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How to Clear Cache Junk on Android Automatically And Manually

Cache is a file that is created automatically to store temporary data from activities that we do on an android phone such as playing games, opening applications or when we are browsing.

With cache files
this, it will increase the speed when loading an application or website that we have opened. But if too much cache accumulates, it will be burdensome for the android phone that we use.

Because with a large amount of cache, this junk file will slow down the performance of an Android phone. And you need to know that the larger the cache file stored in the device, the greater the load on the device memory capacity. And even more so if there is a corrupted cache, then it will further add to the problem for sure.

How to Clear Cache Junk on Android Automatically And Manually

So for those of you who want your Android phone to feel light, and avoid fast memory full, then you need to get used to deleting this cache file. Do it regularly and routinely on your favorite Android phone so that its performance remains smooth when used or does not experience lag.

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And for those of you who have a smartphone that you think feels slow, and don’t understand what the main cause is. Then the way to solve it can be with delete cache files on android phone. And below we have described for you readers about some of the benefits of us deleting the cache.

Benefits of Deleting Temporary Cache / Data Files on Android Phones:

  • Your internal memory space becomes spacious and relieved.
  • Problematic android applications will be updated, such as applications that experience errors when running.
  • Android performance will increase and feel light.
  • The appearance of the website page will look new when you are browsing.

And to clear the cache itself, there is a way that can be done on an Android cellphone, namely manually or automatically. And for more details on how to clear cache on Android, it would be nice to see and follow the steps below.

1. How to Manually Clear Cache On Android

How to Clear Cache Junk on Android Automatically And Manually
  • Please open Settingsapplication manager (application manager).
  • Then please select on application
    whose cache file you want to delete.
  • Next, just choose Clear Cache.
  • And for the next you just do the same thing to delete the cache files in other applications / games.

Then in addition to the above method, you can also clear the cache by going to the menu
settings – storage – then there will be an info menu about data storage.

Please click on cached data, touch on that option, a “wipe cached data” notification will appear to confirm deleting it, please click okay.

How to Clear Cache Junk on Android Automatically And Manually

2. How to Automatically Clear Cache on Android with Clean Master App

  • If you don’t have the application, please download and install the application clean master on google play store.
  • Next, please open the menu junk file,then this application will automatically scan all junk files.
  • When finished scanning, please click clean up trash to clear cache memory.
How to Clear Cache Junk on Android Automatically And Manually
  • Wait until the cleaning process is complete.

OK, that’s it 2 easy ways to delete cache trash on Android phones manually or automatically. So you need to remember that the less amount of garbage in your smartphone, the more relieved your internal memory capacity will be so that the performance of your Android phone becomes more optimal and avoids various problems regarding the performance of your Android phone.

So many posts on this occasion, hopefully it can be useful and good luck trying it. Thanks.