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How to Check and Delete Duplicate Files / Duplicate Files on Android

Duplicate file meaning is a file that has exactly the same both from the file name, file size, file type, and from the appearance of the file itself. Have you ever found this duplicate file, not in the Android phone storage that you are using?

Well, talking about duplicate files or duplicate files can actually have positive and negative impacts. For example, for the positive, you just duplicate a file stored on your Android phone, and if one day the file is lost or accidentally deleted, then you still have the duplicate file or file copy.

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And from the negative side, of course it will take up storage space on your cellphone for nothing, because what if there are multiple files, or the same file in our cellphone storage. And usually this happens when there are duplicate files that we are not aware of that we don’t really need.

These duplicate files can be found in photo files, videos, document files, or in application raw files and so on. Septemberbe if the duplicate file size is small it doesn’t affect our cellphone storage, but what happens if the duplicate file has a large size?

So that it can result in the internal memory on the Android cellphone being full or almost exhausted. What we all know is that the impact of a full memory is that some application programs cannot work, and we will experience failure to download applications from the Playstore. And many more influences.

Apart from having duplicate files on Android, maybe you also need to know that actually what factors can cause the internal memory to be full which causes storage space to run out.

  • Too many apps installed
  • Rarely cleaning cache files from browsing or gaming files
  • Excessive activity of storing music, videos, photos or other files

Now regarding the number of duplicate files, maybe you are not aware of copying some files which were previously stored, only in another folder. Of course, this duplication of files will waste storage memory that should be used for other, more important files.

Therefore it is important for you to know how to check for duplicate files on the android phone that you are using. So that later you can manage the duplicate files, whether you want to delete the duplicates or want to move them to a folder as a backup file.

Then how to check for duplicate files and how to delete duplicate files on android? As for the steps for how to check for duplicate files and also how to delete duplicate files on Android, we have written below. please read and just follow the steps.

  • First, please download and install the application Duplicate Files Fixer on google playstore (free).
How to Check and Delete Duplicate Files on Android with Duplicate File Fixer

  • If you have, please open the application and please give this application permission to access all directories on your smartphone storage media. And for that you can press the button GO IT, and press Allow.

How to Check and Delete Duplicate Files on Android
  • Then several menu options will appear. if you want to find duplicate video files you can press scan video, if you want to find duplicate image files you can press the scan pictures menu, if you want to find all duplicate files, you can press menu FULL SCAN.

how to delete duplicate files on android
  • Next, you just have to wait for the results of the duplicate file scan, here you can see directly the duplicated files and can immediately delete the duplicated files if needed. The trick is to just press duplicate files it and press
    delete button.

how to delete duplicate files on android
  • Done. From now on you will be free from duplicate file names, so your storage memory will be more spacious and not filled with duplicate files.

Okay, that’s it how to check and delete duplicate files on android. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you who are having problems with storage space on your Android phone. Thank you and good luck with the tutorial.