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How to Change Offline Youtube Video Storage to External Memory

Youtube is a very popular entertainment medium. Every day YouTube continues to progress by presenting various new features. The function of YouTube has also been considered to exceed TV because from the YouTube site we can find various sources of information, news, music, entertainment and so on. Watching videos or movies on YouTube is really fun, but we have to spend a lot of internet quota to watch streaming videos on YouTube. And to save the internet quota, Currently, YouTube users can take advantage of the offline features provided by this YouTube application. The offline feature on the youtube application allows us to watch videos or movies later when not connected to an internet connection. With this feature, we can save many videos offline so that whenever we want to play the video we can play it without having to be connected via the internet. And of course this can save our internet quota usage. But to play the video offline, of course, before that we have to download the video and then save it offline. Dand don’t worry about the size of the file that is downloaded offline is smaller or not as big as the original video.

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From everything described above, there is still one thing that becomes an obstacle, namely if we too many save video then our internal memory will be full quickly so that the performance of our phones will be slow because by default offline video storage will be located on the internal storage, namely in the directory internal storage/android/data/ So users often experience running out of storage space when saving videos offline. And not infrequently, many users prefer to watch streaming videos or movies. So to overcome this we can move all the videos that we will store on external memory. With the aim that the internal storage memory on the smartphone can be stay relaxed. And here are the steps to save offline videos on youtube to external memory or SD cards:

  1. Open the youtube App, and make sure to use the latest version.
  2. Click the 3 dot menu on the top right.
  3. Then select menu suit.
  4. If you have, then select the menu Offline.
  5. Then activate the option Use an SD card.

For more details, see the image below.

How to convert youtube offline storage to SD card

After completing the steps as in the review above, offline youtube videos will be saved on external storage or SD card.

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