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How to Change Language in Alight Motion to Indonesian

Alight Motion otherwise known as AM is an application that is usually used to create high-quality animation. You can get this application for free on the google play store, there is also a pro version but you have to pay a subscription fee.

But if you use Alight Motion Pro, you will get many features that are not in the free version. Apart from that, there is no watermark which is very annoying and very annoying.

By default, the names of the effects displayed in the Alight Motion application are not Indonesian, but English. But don’t worry, the names of the effects that were originally in English can be changed to Indonesian.

If you are not very good at English, of course you really want to change the language so that it is easier to understand when editing.

How to Change Language in Alight Motion to Indonesian

How to Change Language in Alight Motion to Indonesian

Changing the names of the Alight Motion effects from English to Indonesian cannot be done directly from the application, but it does not require additional applications to change them. Here’s how to change the language in the alight motion app that you can do:

  • The first step, please open the settings or settings application first.
  • Next please select the language and input.
  • Next, in the language section, please change it to Indonesian.
  • Automatically the names of the Alight Motion effects immediately change to Indonesian. Boxes become boxes, love becomes hearts, and so on.

So, the conclusion change English to Indonesian in Alight Motion simply by changing the language in the settings. If you want Indonesian, please set it to Indonesian and if you want English please set it to English. And you can also apply this method to change the language of certain applications such as tiktok, capcut, or other editing applications.

The above method can be applied to Xiaomi phones. For other brand phones, please adjust it because the method is definitely not much different. That’s the tutorial on how to change the Indonesian language in Alight Motion, hopefully it’s useful and good luck.

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