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How to Automatically Translate Languages ​​With Google Chrome

Translate webpage language automatically in google chrome – For someone who is active in surfing or browsing the internet, I’m sure you must have come across several websites with various languages ​​that are not understood. Whether it’s English or any other language. And one alternative solution to understand a language that you don’t understand is to translate it by copying or copying the writing in the article and then pasting it into google translate. Now, you just understand the meaning of the writing on the website. However, this method is considered less effective and takes a long time because you have to go back and forth to a web page just to translate the language. And actually there is a way for the language of a website’s page to be automatically translated into the language you master. For example, if the language on a website is in English, then you can automatically translate the language into Indonesian by using the Google Chrome browser, of course. Because on google chrome there is a google translate feature. So every time you enter a web page in a language you don’t understand, the language will be automatically translated by Google Chrome into the language you choose. This of course will make it easier for someone if he is looking for knowledge by browsing the virtual world.

So, how do you get web pages to be translated automatically? of course you need to do the steps below first so that in your chrome browser there is a language translation feature or google translate. Usually this feature is not directly available on google chrome so we need to add it first.

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You just need to install extensions/add ons on your google chrome. For more details, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open suit then select more features – next you choose extension. As in the image below.
how to translate web page language using google chrome
  • After that then scroll down, then select get other extensions, If you have, write google translate in the extension search field on chrome webstore. Next select add to chrome. Look at the image below.
translate english to indonesian with google chrome
  • If so, a notification will appear. The notification is like it looks more or less like in the image below. And click on add extension.
how to automatically translate language on google chrome
  • Done. If successful there will be a symbol like this or there will be a new tab in the chrome window. For the display of the symbol, you can see in the following picture, which I give a red arrow.
how to auto-translate webpages on google chrome

And if you visit a site in a foreign language or a language you might not understand with this extension you can translate it automatically.

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