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How to Automatically Reply Messages / Auto Reply on Whatsapp when Busy

How to Auto-Reply Messages on Whatsapp When You’re Busy – WhatsApp application is now an application with a top rating for the range of instant messenger applications. Even though it has become a very popular chat application, WhatsApp until now has not stopped providing or updating all existing features.

And sometimes some smartphone users don’t all understand and understand the available WhatsApp features. In the WhatsApp application itself, there are indeed some visible features and there are also slightly hidden features. So you need to understand about these hidden features so that you can use WhatsApp optimally.

auto reply feature on whatsapp

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Well, for those of you who love to use the WhatsApp application or you can say that you are very active using the WhatsApp application. Now you can do auto reply or the WhatsApp application will automatically reply to messages from the sender of the message into your WhatsApp.

And of course if you are a seller of goods or offer services by including your whatsapp number, then of course this will be very useful. Because if the position is busy or not monitoring the cellphone then messages sent by potential customers or buyers will be replied to automatically.

And that’s not all that you might be able to use in other activities. Pretty interesting isn’t it? And the method itself is also very simple and easy because later we only need to make adjustments to the schedule or schedule such as time, date, and also the text / message that you want to make as an auto reply.

And for more details, please follow the steps below:

  • The main thing that you have to prepare if you want to be able to reply to messages automatically on a scheduled basis is that you must first install the application GB Whatsapp. And if you have, you just open the application and then you click on three dots which is in the upper right corner of the screen and after that proceed by selecting the option GB settings.
How to Automatically Reply Messages / Auto Reply on Whatsapp when Busy
  • The next step is for you to select on the menu auto-reply message. And then you activate the auto reply feature by sliding icon to the right until colored green. And after that proceed by clicking + . icon in the lower left corner as in the screenshot below.
How to Automatically Reply Messages / Auto Reply on Whatsapp when Busy
  • Next, please write the message you want in the auto reply message menu.
  • Then you choose message delay what you want. For example 2 seconds, then after 2 seconds your friend sends you a message, the autoplay feature will automatically respond by replying to the message sent by your friend.
  • The next step is that you select a contact on the menu receivers.
  • And then you choose the time on the menu start time and end time. This means that you can set from what time to what time when you activate this auto reply. For more details, you can see the image below.
How to Automatically Reply Messages / Auto Reply on Whatsapp when Busy
  • You can continue by continuing to scroll down and you can also select certain contacts or can exclude contacts that are in the intended contact.
  • If you have, you end it by pressing menu add in the lowest position as in the image below.
How to Automatically Reply Messages / Auto Reply on Whatsapp when Busy

  • Well, if you have done the settings as above, then when a friend or contact sends you a message. Even if you open or don’t open WhatsApp, it will automatically reply to messages automatically.

Notes : You can practice the above method or you can do it only by using GB whatsapp only. And currently the official version of WhatsApp does not yet have this feature. If you are still confused about what GB Whatsapp is then please read this article before about Features on Whatsapp that are different than usual.

The final word : Hopefully the article that we have written above is about how to reply to chat messages on whatsapp automatically can be of use to you. And if you like, please share the article with your other friends so they can find out too. Thanks and good luck trying it.