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How to Add Your Own Locations and Places on Google Maps

How to add your own place location on google maps – If you often use google maps to help find a location or place, of course by using google maps it will make it easier not to get to your destination. Even now, just by voicing words about a location or place, Google Maps directly directs you to the desired location.

Many interesting features are offered in this google maps application which of course has the intention to make it easier for users of this maps application. Like on google maps now which is equipped with photos or pictures of a place so that it will give an overview and atmosphere of the location.

Have you ever thought about how to add a location or place you want on google maps? So that other people who want to go to your place will be easily found by him. Of course, we can do that by using the new feature, namely: My maps. With this feature we can add new locations on google maps as we want quickly and easily.

For example, you have just built a place for business land such as a cafe, shop, workshop, place of business or your own home. And you want to add that location to google maps so that other people can find it easily. Now you can just put the location point and also the name of your place on google maps. So that the search for a location or place can be found quickly.

Well, this can also be considered as a form of business support. Because it can be an effective way to add visitors and also bring in customers because with a location that looks professional, then of course with location information it will make it easier for customers to find out about your business information.

Here’s how to add your own location or place on Google Maps with Android:

  • First of all you guys download and install application google my maps via google play store.
  • After that then open the app his.
  • Then select agree and move on.
How to Add your own Location and Place on google maps
  • Next, please write a title for your location. If you have then press okay.

add new location on google maps

  • Then continue by selecting + . button in the lower right corner, if it is, it will appear as shown below.
how to add places on google maps android
  • The next step is press + button again and select add new point. For more details, you can see through the image below.
add location or place with google my maps
  • Then place the point into the location where you are, you can zoom in to place the point location more clearly. And if you have then click the location. And it will look like in the image below.
how to add location on google maps android
  • Then continue with write the name and description of the location you clearly. Then when you’re done, select the tick in the top right corner. As in the screenshot below.

how to make place location on google maps
  • Done. Now your place or location will appear on google maps. As an example see in the image below.
how to add place location on google maps

Ok maybe that’s it how to add your own location or place on google maps. Hopefully the above discussion will be useful for you. And don’t forget to also share this information with your other friends so they can also find out and of course it will also be more useful. Thank you and good luck.

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