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How to Add Website Pages with Chrome to Home Screen on Android

If you like browsing using an Android device to get information from a website/website. Surely you are no stranger to the chrome browser. The chrome browser itself is a browser owned by Google which must have been directly on the Android smartphone that you have. In addition to being so fast in accessing a web page, you can also enjoy lots of interesting features on the chrome browser that will make it easy for users so that users can be comfortable while browsing.

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If you are a loyal visitor to a particular website, maybe adding the website page to the main screen / home screen on Android will make it easier for you to access a website. Then how to add website page to home screen on android?. So later when you want to enter or visit the website page, just click on the icon on the main screen on the Android phone. And of course you don’t need to bother anymore to enter the Google Chrome application first and type in the URL address of a website that you are going to visit. Because if you have added a chrome website to the main screen on android it will look like an app on android. So in this way you will go directly to the site, very interesting isn’t it?. Yups, just follow the method below so you don’t wonder what the results will be.

How to add a website page with chrome to the main screen on android:

By using the chrome browser you can do this method very easily. Let’s say you have a certain website that you want to add to your android home screen. For example I will add a site page to the main screen / home screen on android.

  • The first step is to open your chrome browser, then enter the URL or website address of your choice.
How to Add Website Pages with Chrome to Home Screen on Android
  • Furthermore, if you have entered the website, continue by clicking on the 3 dots above the chrome window which is on the top right. As in the following screenshot image.
how to create page shortcut with chrome on android
  • After that select and click “Add to Home Screen”. You can edit the name as you wish. For more details, see the screenshot below.
how to add website page to main screen on android
  • Well, if you have then automatically you can see that the website will now appear or be on the main screen like an application. You can click on the icon at any time to go directly to or access the page of a website.
how to add website page on home screen on android

there is one more way to add website page to main screen :

If the method above you can only add one website, but for this you may be able to add more than one for your favorite site. The method is almost the same as above but for this second method we have to use a bookmark and place the entire bookmark folder on your main screen.

  • Well, to do this you can go to your favorite site, then click or select the three dots on the top right then select the star icon at the top. For more details about this step you can see in the following image.
tips to add chrome bormark to the main screen on android
  • You can choose several websites that you want to be your favorite sites with an asterisk.
  • Now organize everything into folders, to set the bookmarks you can select 3 more dots then select ”bookmarks”.
easy way to add website with chrome to android home screen
  • Then make it in one folder name to this boommark. You can edit the name of this bookmark folder yourself.
tips to add chrome borkmark to home screen on android
  • After you have combined all your favorite websites into one folder, now you can put them on your android home screen. You can open the Home screen and access the widget page, you can click and hold on a page or empty space, and select a widget. However, this method is not the same for all types of Android devices. You can try it yourself using the type of smartphone you have.

how to add widget on android phone
  • After that then search or scroll down until you find chrome and select chrome bookmarks.
how to add screen shortcut on android phone
  • Now you can find and have an area on your Android home screen that is dedicated to accessing your bookmarks.
how to make website page on main screen on android

Okay, maybe that’s all the post on this occasion is about how to add website page with chrome to main screen on android. Hopefully this way will make it easier for you to visit your favorite sites and of course this method is intended for you to make it easier to access your favorite sites. Hopefully useful and thank you for reading this article.

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