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How to Add Songs or Music on Snapgram / Instastory Without VPN

How to add music or songs on snapgram or instastory without VPN? Instastory or also known as snapgram is a feature that is very liked by Instagram users. Because with this feature, users can share stories or something unique and cool. One of them is creating stories on Instagram by adding music or songs.

Well here if you want to make an instastory with cool visual effects accompanied by music, you can try using story beat. If out there are many guides or ways to add music to Instagram stories or snapgrams using a VPN application because Indonesia is not available, then by using story beatyou can easily create an instastory with story beats more easily, and also no need to set a VPN location.

How to Add Music or Songs on Snapgram / Instastory Without VPN

With the Story beat application, you can create a cool story and also seem pro very easily because this application was made for Instagram stories, so it is perfect for those of you who are lazy to edit videos with complicated video editor applications. Apart from that, by using the story beat application, you not only make this story only for Instagram, but this application also supports several other social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and others.

This application can be used to add songs to photos and videos as well. And regarding the availability of music, you can also use a music library that you can search according to the title you want in this application or you can also take it directly from the music gallery storage on your cellphone. And for more details, please follow the steps below.

How to Add Music / Songs on Snapgram or Instastory Without a VPN Application:

  • First, please download the application Story Beat on google playstore for free.
  • Next, please open the story beat application and just select the desired menu, for example I will use the third point, namely create a zoom in video.
  • If you have, please enter the photo/video you want. Then click Next.

How to Add Music or Songs on Snapgram / Instastory Without VPN
  • Next, to add music or songs, you can press menu + on the bottom right.
  • As I explained above, you can use songs from the gallery or directly search for this application’s music library.
    just search for music.

How to Add Music or Songs on Snapgram / Instastory Without VPN
  • Please write the name of the song you like if you click it add.
  • Next set the music on the part that you like by swiping right or left, you can preview the results first by pressing the play icon. If it’s enough click

How to Add Music or Songs on Snapgram / Instastory Without VPN
  • You can preview the final result by pressing play icon.
  • And to save it you can press the icon download in the lower right corner, where there will be two choices here, you can directly share your story, or save it first in the gallery.

How to Add Music or Songs on Snapgram / Instastory Without VPN

And that’s an easy step how to add music/song on snapgram or instastory without vpn app. Hopefully the tutorial can be useful for all of you who like to create unique and interesting Instagram stories. Thank you for visiting and don’t hesitate to share this article with anyone who needs it.