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How to Add Playback Music Filter on Instagram

How to Add Playback Music Filter on Instagram – It is undeniable that nowadays people prefer to interact and communicate through social media. Yes, trends and lifestyles have changed because of the development of technology. Of course, with the advancement of this technology, now we as a society can easily interact and communicate without any distance limitations. No matter how far the distance is, if both are connected to the internet, we can easily interact.

Now in this modern era, Indonesian people use social media not only to communicate, but they also use it for their needs such as seeking entertainment, and also information. There is no age limit for social media users from children to adults.

How to Add Playback Music Filter on Instagram

Of the many social media applications, the Instagram application is one of the popular applications that many smartphone users enjoy. Because with this application we can view photos and videos easily. Even now, the Instagram application is always updating its application to increase needs. smartphone users.

An example of the latest Instagram feature that is arguably the most widely used is the filter feature in the Instagram story. Now with this filter you can easily create stories by adding various types of additional effects that are immediately available on the Instagram application. don’t bother with editing to create stunning photo or video effects. Because in fact, we just need to install this method.

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And one of the effects that is booming and the newest is a filter effect called music playback. Now with this playback music effect, you can make stories using music templates, you know. So your stories will look cooler. the steps are below:

  • Please open your Instagram application, then enter your story (click the photo icon in the upper left corner)
  • If you have, please swipe right until you find the search for effects menu.
  • In the search for effects menu, please click and search for effects by writing the word Angga Diputtra.
  • If you have found it, please click and look for an effect called music playback.
  • In playback music effects, please save the effect.
  • After saving, now you can directly create your Instagram story and directly apply the playback music effect that has been saved. And to create a music video story, you just have to make it by pressing and holding the playback music filter effect that you have downloaded.