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How to add phone number and email on Instagram profile.

Add your email and phone number on your instagram profile – Instagram application is an application that is growing, because in this application always develop its features by adding the latest types of features. In addition to being used for personal use, Instagram is also widely used as a medium for business. Or you could say media for selling, you see. If you are interested in selling online, you can use business Instagram for sales media. You can also start a business without the need to spend so much capital with Instagram, such as selling products and services, advertising promotion media, affiliate businesses and so on.

Well if you want to add a phone button on your Instagram account, of course you have to set your Instagram account first to business instagram. So how do you create a business profile on Instagram? And one of the requirements to change your Instagram from personal or personal to business. KYou must also have a Facebook fan page. Because later this fanpage will be linked to the Instagram account. In the business profile will be available contact button, the button will make it easy for other people or potential buyers to contact you.

How to add Phone and E-mail buttons on Instagram

For the steps you can follow the method below:

  • First, open the Instagram application on the smartphone you are using.
  • Then enter your account profile, then click the settings icon with the 3 dots symbol in the top right corner.
  • After that then scroll down and Select an option switch to a business profile.

For more details about the steps above, you can see my screenshot below.

how to add phone number and email on instagram profile
  • Connect to Facebook fan page, by clicking select page. If you click next.
how to change personal or personal account to business on instagram
  • In the next step, fill in the information about yourself, starting from your email, telephone number and address. If you have selected done.
how to make your profile on instagram more complete
  • Go to your profile, your instagram profile and it will look different from the previous one. And your profile will be more complete. As in my screenshot below.
Instagram is used as a medium for business

Ok that’s it how to add phone number and email on instagram profile. Because if the Instagram profile is more complete, of course other people will also know more about us. Hopefully this article can be useful and can help in your business. Thank you so much and thank you for visiting our blog.

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