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How To Add New Members In Whatsapp Groups Without Going Through Admin

Add Members In Whatsapp Group Without Admin Approval – Chat or chat on whatsapp is incomplete if there is no such thing as a group. Because we know that communication between friends together is important, although not necessarily by meeting in person. Therefore we can take advantage of the technology that already exists today and like one of them, namely: whatsapp group.

There are many benefits that we can get if we have a group on whatsapp, one of which is for communication between work teams, as business support, or for communication within the community. And more importantly, by joining the whatsapp group, all the information provided will be easier to know together.

If you are new to building or creating groups then usually there will be admin or people who have the right to manage in the whatsapp group, for example when adding friends or members. So in adding friends or members to join a group on WhatsApp, only the admin can enter the user number into a group. So if any of you are only members in a whatsapp group. Then you will not be able to add other usernames to your group. Unless the group members are made all admins.

So if you think how to add members in a whatsapp group as above is less effective then this time we will share whatsapp tips, which is about how to quickly add new members to a whatsapp group without admin permission first. Is it possible to add members to the wa group if you are not an admin? The answer is yes. If you are not an admin in the whatsapp group then you will still be able to add members to the whatsapp group.

For the mandatory requirements, you as a member must have someone contact the admin to make a whatsapp group link link first. Now this wa group link link will later become a weapon to add new members in the whatsapp group without having to have admin approval first.

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How to add members to the wa group without going through the admin:

  • First of all you click on your whatsapp group.
  • Then click on the 3 dots icon in the top right corner. Then select group info. As in the image below.
How To Add New Members In Whatsapp Groups Without Going Through Admin
  • Then scroll down and select add participants. For more details, it is better to look at the following picture.
how to add new member in wa group without admin help
  • then select invite via link. Soon the link will appear. See the screenshot image below.
how to add members in whatsapp group if not admin
  • Then you can copy and save your wa group link link. As in the image below for example.
how to add member to whatsapp group with link link
  • Well, to start inviting all your friends to become members of your whatsapp group. Please send the links to social media such as facebook groups, BBM groups, whatsapp or others and invite your friends to join the whatsapp group just by clicking on the link.
how to add new members in wa group without going through admin approval

So automatically your friends who click on the link without the help of the admin can directly enter the whatsapp group. So with this you can add members to the whatsapp group without going through the admin.

How are you friends? It’s quite easy, isn’t it, how to invite friends to join the wa group by using the link?. Because we don’t have to bother entering tens or hundreds of numbers into the contact list before adding members to a wa group, just by using the link spread method.

So posting this article about how to add new members in whatsapp group without going through admin. Hopefully it can be useful and thank you for visiting.

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