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How To Add Link In The Correct Youtube Video Description

Want to know how to make a link in the YouTube description? Well, for beginner YouTubers, of course, you have to learn a lot of ways or tips so that many YouTube videos that we make will watch it. Because there are actually a lot of things that we can optimize to increase showtime or to add subscribers on YouTube.

Because we know that if we want our youtube channel to be monetized, we must meet the YouTube requirements, which are to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and also meet the minimum broadcast hours requirements of 4000 hours. Well, therefore, of course, we need to make YouTube videos that are interesting and liked by the audience, so that we can quickly get subscribers and also increase showtimes.

And it’s not only about that, we also definitely need to make it easier for video viewers on our youtube channel, like one of them is that we can add additional information in the video description section, which is like active link the website referred to in our video. So when other people click on the active link that we embed in the description section of the youtube video, it will immediately switch to the site page that we mean.

How To Add Link In Youtube Video Description

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So for example, you create video content in the form of tutorials or methods, so if you need materials to practice it, such as the application used, then you can put the download link in the description of the youtube video. So, viewers won’t have to bother writing or looking for another site to download the materials needed to practice the video tutorials that you share.

okay, for those of you who are curious about how how to make a link in youtube description, then please refer to the following steps to make it. (can be done via android phone or via pc)

  • First of all, we enter the intended website, such as the download site link, the YouTube channel link itself, or the link to your social media account that you want to add.
  • Then after you enter the website, then you copy the url link.
How To Add Link In Youtube Video Description

  • Now, after copying or copying the link, if we paste it directly in the video description, it will be too long later. Therefore we can shorten the url or link, how you can enter the site
How To Add Link In Youtube Video Description

  • Next in the column as shown below, you paste the link that was copied earlier, and then press “shorten”.
  • After that the link will immediately change, and you just press “copy”.
How To Add Link In Youtube Video Description

  • And then you can go directly to youtube studio, and you can paste the shortened link into the description section of the video that you are going to upload. And later when the video has been uploaded or has been published, the link will become an active link with blue writing.

Ok, it’s done stages how to add link in youtube video description. And if you have created links such as download links, minute or time links on youtube videos, youtube channel subscribe links, or links such as Instagram social media accounts, then if you have made them all, then later if you post a new video again on your youtube, then just paste the links that you have created. Thank you so much and hopefully useful.