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How to Activate Voice Chat in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released many new updates that players can directly try in the game. Then there is also How to Activate Voice Chat in Mobile Legends (ML), you can talk to a team by using it. So it’s clear that if you activate this Voice Chat, players will play and do well later.

Updates that keep appearing in the Mobile Legends game that you can really try, just play with all the features. Because there are so many different things and things that you can have right now, so that later the game will be easier. Each of these appearances makes the curious too.

Especially for Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collaboration, one of the special events that you can use. If you have a lot of new updates like this now it makes you curious, from here there are many prizes too. It depends on which mission you complete, so we can get all of that easily.

Then for How to Activate Voice Chat in Mobile Legends (ML), you can just try it right away. As a feature that helps in Team battles, we can talk soon to make the game easier. Even teamwork will become easier, if you use the Voice Chat.

How to Activate Voice Chat in Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Go to Voice Settings

    The first step for those of you who have entered the Mobile Legends game, must go to Settings first. Then look at the Voice / Voice category section, so we can immediately find the Voice Chat section for conversations in Ingame.

  2. Turn Off To On

    Then when the Voice Chat Settings have been met, we can immediately change them to Active if previously it was Disabled. This will immediately activate the feature in the match, so we can communicate with the Team.

  3. Enter the Competition Lobby

    Another way is that we can enter the match lobby first, so we can see the Mic Icon at the bottom. Later you can immediately choose whether to Voice with the Team or Global with everyone in the Team.

  4. Activate When Selecting Hero or Match

    If in this match can indeed activate it too from here now. In fact we can immediately turn it on. Then when in a match to be able to activate Voice Chat, the position is next to the map.

  5. Keep Your Speech and Stay Sportive

    Remember if you have activated Voice Chat like this, you have to speak well and take good care of your speech. Stay sporty with the team, work together to do combos or enemy information. Do not avoid each other, because it will be easy to win.

Various good and exciting updates for you to try now, it turns out to be something good now. We can just try it if we want, as one of the important things like Voice Chat, so that it’s even more fun to play.

How to Activate Voice Chat in Mobile Legends (ML)

Then really understand Tips for Playing Mobile Legends Games, so that you can play them well later. Together with a random team, squad or solo, it will definitely help when you do something like that now. If you want, just turn on Voice Chat, so we can find out information with the team. Practice the game well, so you don’t mess up later.

Soon we will see How to Activate Voice Chat in Mobile Legends (ML), you can immediately try and understand it. It turns out that the process itself is very easy, we can just try it, it will definitely make teamwork smoother. Activate it if you can do it well, so that we don’t get confused when we compete later.

Then to try the Combo Hero Tank Mage Mobile Legends, it will help the team to make it easier to play. Face the enemy quickly without fear, so we can immediately do it well without having to be confused at all.