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How to Activate and Use the IGTV Feature on Instagram

How to use the IGTV (Instagram TV) feature – If you are an active user of the Instagram social media application, maybe you already know about the IGTV feature. But if you don’t know about the latest Instagram features, then you need to know exactly what the IGTV feature on Instagram is. IGTV Features is an official feature of Instagram which was just launched on September 22 yesterday. Say it’s still classified hot this one feature.

So for you Instagram users, now all of you can enjoy this newly released feature. Where the IGTV feature is the latest service from Instagram to share videos with long durations. Well, for the long duration, which is between 15 seconds to 60 minutes. And of course this will be funnier and more satisfied or more detailed in terms of sharing video content than Instagram stories which can only upload videos for up to 15 seconds.

How to Activate and Use the IGTV Feature on Instagram

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Besides being able to share videos, of course you can also watch videos on IGTV from several recommended channels, popular channels and channels from other Instagram users that you have followed. Well, to post videos on IGTV, of course, for a duration of 1 hour or 60 minutes, there is a condition where your followers must be in large numbers and have also been verified with a blue check mark. If you still have a few followers, then you can enjoy sharing videos with a duration of approx 15 seconds to 10 minutes. But pretty good isn’t it? when compared to making videos on instastory.

Well, because this is a new feature, many of you may not know about how how to activate the IGTV feature and how how to use IGTV features that’s not it?. For those of you who can be said to be curious, I suggest you don’t hold back and just go ahead and see the review below:

How to activate the IGTV feature on Instagram:

  • First of all please you guys update or update first your Instagram application and you can do it through google play store.
How to use the IGTV (Instagram TV) feature
  • After you’re done updating the Instagram application, then you’re next open the instagram app and proceed by clicking on home menu. Then automatically the IGTV icon will be on the left side of the Direct Message (DM) icon as shown in the image below. And if the IGTV icon doesn’t appear on your Instagram, then please do it restart first your smartphone.
how to activate the IGTV feature on instagram
  • The next step is to click on the IGTV icon. And if you are logged in, you will automatically be able to view and watch various types of videos available in this service. Usually you will immediately see videos made from friends you follow. Well, to see trending videos, you can slide it on the options popularand also available options
    recommended for you, follow, popular, and continue watching. In addition, you can also search for videos based on Instagram user usernames on the menu search.
The newest feature on Instagram is Instagram TV (IGTV)
  • And in terms of the video display, you can only watch it in vertical mode. Because this video is presented specifically for smartphone mobile devices with 19:6 frames or instastory mode.

How to create and upload videos to the IGTV feature:

  • The first step is to open the IGTV icon in the upper right corner.
  • Then you click on icon gears or
  • Then you continue by clicking create channell.

For more details about this step you can see in the image below.

How to create and upload videos to the IGTV feature:
  • If you have, then the gear icon will change to a new icon on the channel you just created earlier. And then click the channel icon that you just created and then continue by clicking + button. For more details, please see the image below.
how to post video to IGTV
  • The next step is to immediately prepare the video that you want to upload to IGTV, that is, you can take it from your gallery.
  • Next, you can complete the video that you will upload, by filling in the title, editing the cover, and also by adding a description of the video that you will upload to IGTV.
  • After that, if everything is ready, please click send.
tutorial how to upload videos to instagram tv

  • And the last step is to wait until the video upload process is complete.

Well, with the IGTV feature on Instagram, so if you have videos with a long duration, whether it’s your videos or your edits. So with this IGTV you don’t have to worry about upload and make videos on instagram with a longer time.

The final word : I hope this article can be useful for you, and don’t forget to leave your comments in the column provided below. Thank you for visiting and enjoy..