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Here's How to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram Via Laptop or PC

For now, Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that is in great demand by many people. Due to the popularity and number of Instagram users, many also use Instagram as a means to make money. That is by uploading photos or videos related to the business being run. Like selling online, promoting other people’s goods and for other business purposes. This is indeed a good thing to do considering that Instagram also supports being used for business purposes. For that, in your Instagram profile, you need to add information such as a phone number and email. To make it easier for consumers or other Instagram users to contact you.

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Even though the Instagram application is actually made for mobile-based devices. However, the proof is that computers and PCs can still access them. For better photo results, usually someone will first edit the photo to be uploaded to Instagram by using PC or computer. So, if you often edit photos or videos using a computer or laptop, upload the edited photos or videos to Instagram. Then you don’t need to go back and forth to transfer images from a smartphone to a computer just to download upload photos and videos to instagram. And it’s better to directly upload photos and videos to Instagram via a computer or laptop. Then how to upload photos or videos to Instagram via a computer or laptop? Because considering that there are still many Instagram users who don’t know how to upload photos or videos via a computer. So here is the review for those of you who don’t know it. So, take a good look at it!!

How to upload photos and videos to Instagram via a computer or laptop:

  • The first step is to go directly to the website. And in this way I do it using the Google Chrome browser.
  • Then continue with your Instagram account login, then enter your profile.
  • After that, just press CTRL+SHIFT+i. Then Instagram will automatically look smaller.
  • Next click device mode. For more details about this step you can see in the image below.
how to upload photos and videos on instagram via laptop or pc
  • If you have continued by selecting responsivethen reload page.

how to upload photos to instagram using a computer or laptop
  • The next step is to upload your photo or video by clicking the sign + in the below section. Like when you upload photos or videos to Instagram via a smartphone.
easy way to upload photos or videos on instagram via pc or laptop

That’s it how to upload photos or videos on instagram via computer. Take advantage of this method by using your PC or computer so that it is certainly more effective. So that when you want to upload a photo or video that has been edited using a computer, you can directly upload the photo without having to send and upload it to your smartphone first.

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