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Gossip REKT Returns To MPL From Luminaire Mobile Legends (ML)

MPL ID Season 10 has been running for 2 weeks. There was a lot of excitement during the tournament. Many update transfers have occurred in MPL ID this time. Like this time the REKT Gossip Returns to MPL from Luminaire Mobile Legends (ML)

REKT did decide to farewell with Evos Legends for MPL ID Season 10. This happened because of the hand injury he experienced, so he decided not to play with Evos Legends anymore.

Their teammate when they won M1, namely Luminaire this time gave rumors regarding REKT will return to MPL again. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following.

REKT Gossip Returns To MPL From Luminaire Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Livestream on Ihsan Luminaire’s personal YouTube channel, where at that time there was OURA and Wannn talking about REKT returning to MPL.

“You already know about our friend, this guy who has a tattoo (REKT), he’s playing scrim again. Like this, he went to MDL first with Ferxiic and Branz because you have to come from MDL, right, then there will be three REKT (REKT, Ferxiic and Branz).”

This time it was either a hoax or a fact where Luminaire leaked REKT was doing scrim to enter MDL to join Ferxiic and Branz. Of course this is not necessarily true, but it may happen later.

Indeed, many fans do not believe this because we know that Luminaire himself often makes dramas with it. Even OURA in the livestream did not believe this. Even though REKT’s ability can still be used in the competitive scene.

That’s the explanation from Luminaire regarding REKT will return to MPL this time. Do you think you believe what Luminaire said?