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Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Genshin Impact has released a lot of very cool latest updates for you to try. There is even a Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, you can just collect all of this right now. Because it will help the Traveler to directly collect it too.

Moreover, for the many latest updates, of course, the Genshin Impact event itself is quite a lot. Of course, with this opportunity there are indeed many, so you can immediately see that there are indeed various prizes too.

Then for the Genshin Impact Update Character, it is quite popular and you can just have it right now. It will become a character that travelers will recognize now, if you want to be interested in having this character now it’s very easy.

Then the presence of the Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, so we can immediately see clearly. Because collecting these materials is quite popular, be prepared to immediately raise the ascension level quickly.

Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Garou is a 4-star character who has Vision Geo and Bow Weapon, becoming a very popular Support character. Of course, the presence of Gorou’s own character is very helpful for Party Geo, because having Buff is quite supportive in fighting with him.

Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material

Then we can find some of Gorou’s own Ascension Materials from the Inazuma area now. Finding it yourself is more dominant in some places, but it’s quite a lot for Inazuma so you’ll find it easy right away.

Of course Gorou has an Ascension Level which is very useful in Teams, so you won’t be confused about using it. Of course his abilities are quite useful, make sure you use them well so that the battle later becomes easier.

Here are the Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Materials that Travelers can collect very easily:

Gorou Character Ascension Level Materials:

  • Perpetual Heart (From Perpetual Mechanical Array): 46 Pieces
  • Prithiva Topaz (Geo): Sliver 1, Fragment 9, Chunk 9 and Gemstone 6
  • Sango Pearl: 168 Pieces
  • Spectral Husk: 18
  • Spectral Heart: 30
  • Spectral Nucleus: 36
  • Total Upgrade Ascension: 420,000 Mora
  • Book For Level Up: 419 Hero Wit
  • Total Mora for Level Up: 1,672,000 Mora

Gorou Talent Materials:

  • Teaching Of Light: 9
  • Guide To Light: 63
  • Philosophies Of Light: 114
  • Spectral Husk: 18 Items
  • Spectral Heart: 66 Items
  • Spectral Nucleus: 93 Items
  • Crowns: 3 Pieces
  • Molten Moment: 18 Pieces (Signora Boss)
  • Total Mora Level Up Talent: 4,957,500

Some of the materials that you have seen now can be collected immediately, because the materials are available in Inazuma if you want to find them. Of course Gorou himself became a war captain for the noble Sangonomiya Kokomi who we know as a Support character in the game.

Of course, Gorou’s own ability is enough to help Party Geo, of course it will make you not easily defeated. Then Gorou is also very afraid to meet Yae Miko, because he has a trauma that makes him not dare to meet.

More precisely, it was Gorou who was bullied by Yae Miko’s pranks, so he didn’t want something like that to happen again later. So now we can immediately get the character and use it in the party, increase the character’s Ascension to become stronger in battle.

After knowing the Gorou Genshin Impact Character Ascension Material, you can immediately collect everything very easily. Because indeed this will be the best opportunity for the players, to be able to have a gift like that and use it in a party.

Also use a Best Build Character Gorou Genshin Impact, to make you even stronger. Without having to be confused in facing the enemy, Gorou will make a good support force in the team.