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Get the Special 5th Anniversary Free Fire (FF) Crystal Skyboard Skin for Free!

Have a Special Skyboard Crystal Digital Skin 5th Free Fire Anniversary (FF) Free!

One of the special events in 5th Anniversary Free Fire (FF), has opened the Classic Store some time ago. The gift exchange shop in the Reunite The World event provides many skins that you can pick up for free.

The Classic Store itself is a place for exchanging the main prizes for Free Fire birthday-themed skins. In it, you can get prizes in the form of bundles, skyboards, and vouchers.

This event is already present and will take place over the next few weeks until September 2022. This means that we have a long enough time to be able to claim the prizes.

So that you don’t miss it, you should see how to get the Skyboard Crystal Digital FF Skin which is present as the following main prize!

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Skyboard Crystal Digital FF . Skin

Skyboard Crystal Digital FF skins

One of the missions in the Special Interface 5 eventth Anniversary has been confirmed to bring a cool Skyboard skin called Crystal Digital.

The dominance of silver color combined with the distinctive purple color of 5th Anniversary FF makes the skin very cool, especially with the effects it produces when it explodes, which you rarely find in other Skyboard skins.

The skin is one of the main prizes in event 5th Free Fire Anniversary which lasts for the next month.

Currently, you can get Crystal Digital at the Classic Store New Age Interface until September 14, 2022 in the Exchange Store.

To get it is quite easy, you only need to collect as many as 15 Amethyst Pentagon Tokens so you can exchange them for the skin.

You can get Amethyst Pentagon through other missions that provide Pentagon Amethyst as a reward, such as daily logins and so on.

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That’s how to get the main prize in the Exchange 5 missionth Free Fire Anniversary. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.