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Genshin Impact 3.0 Live Streaming Summary, Upcoming Banners and Events!

Genshin Impact 3.0 Live Streaming Summary, Upcoming Banners and Events!

Through live streaming some time ago, leaked events and banners that will be presented by Genshin Impact have been explained for the latest version 3.0 later.

Version 3.0 was announced to be available on August 24, 2022, along with the new character Tighnari and Collei, Dori following in phase two.

For those of you who missed the live streaming, you can really see the summary of SPIN Esports below.

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Banners 3.0

source: ig

Phase 1

For the first phase, according to the leak, there will be Tighnari and Zhongli as 5-star rate-up characters. While Collei will also be present as the latest 4 star rate-up.

For those of you who are after these three characters, it is recommended to do gacha on the first banner.

Phase 2

For the second phase, there will be Ganyu and Kokomi who will re-run. Meanwhile, for the new rate-up 4-star character, there is Dori.

Those of you who want to have these three characters are advised to gacha in the second phase.

Genshin Impact 3.0 . Events

source: ig

There will be a number of events presented in version 3.0, some new and some re-runs.

Main Event – ​​Graven Innocence

In this event you can get Collei for free. You just need to follow the quest instructions to get the new 4-star character Collei.

So, actually if you don’t want to get Tighnari you should save your primogems for the next banners or re-run characters you want to have.

Other Events

There are four other events that will be present, namely Tablet Analytics, Fayz Trials, Lost Riches and Ley Line Overflow.

Two new events and two re-run events. Where new events will give you gadgets and various other attractive prizes. For the re-run event you can get Mini Seelie back to be your travel companion. In addition, there is Ley Line Overflow where you can get Hero’s Wit, Mora to upgrade your newly acquired characters such as Tighnari, Collei and others.

That’s the summary of Genshin Impact version 3.0 banners and events, which event are you impatient for? Or who do you want gacha to be? If we’re honest, we can’t wait to explore the mysterious Sumeru region. Of course while working on the latest Archon Quest.

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