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Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends (ML) Team Update Transfer

MPL ID Season 10 this time has passed the second week. However, many transfer updates have occurred in each team. Like this time the Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends (ML) Team Update Transfer.

As before, players from Geek Fam, namely Rupture, were relegated to MDL. This happened because there was the arrival of a new player, namely Janaaqt, who was previously Hades from the Philippines.

Now the Geek Fam Indonesia team is re-transferring their player updates for MPL ID Season 10. Of course this is quite interesting for us to discuss this time, see the explanation below.

Transfer the Geek Fam ID Mobile Legends (ML) Team Update

Through the official social media account post from Geekfamid, they have confirmed Manskuyy and Hanz will join the MDL Geek Fam Jr team.

They will later be replaced by Adam and Renesmee to join the Geek Fam ID team at MPL this time. They will enter the MPL squad along with Baloyskie and friends.

Currently, Geek Fam ID has managed to win the match against Rebellion Zion in the second week of MPL ID Season 10. This is their first win and they break the egg to get the win this time.

This time with two players from the Philippines, namely Baloyskie and Janaaqt, of course, it will also have an impact on the performance of Geek Fam themselves after surprisingly being able to win in the first game against RRQ Hoshi before they finally came back to 2-1.

That’s the explanation of the transfer of player updates for the Geek Fam Indonesia team this time. what do you think about the transfer update?