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Game Team Chat Using Whatsapp GB?

Having a smartphone for us is a pleasure in itself, because there are many things that we can easily do using a smart phone, one of which is to communicate, be it instant messages, audio messages, telephone and video calls.

From the specifications, of course, we will refer to one of the very popular chat applications, namely Whatsapp. This application is actually now available for various devices, including PC or Windows devices.

But there is something unique about the application that there are several similar applications aka whatsapp modification applications. Call it GB Whatsapp which is currently widely used by various groups, including even business people.

As in’s review, this GB WhatsApp application has various unique features, and it has been designed differently from the original WhatsApp feature even though the main function is still there.

Features offered by WA GB

Each whatsapp mod will certainly have unique features embedded in it, including GB Whatsapp. Here are some of the features:

  • Hiding Online Status
  • Double Tick can be hidden
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Microphone Settings
  • Recording Status
  • Hide Typing Status
  • Manage Message Scheduling
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Can Copy Status
  • Share Documents In Pdf and Txt Format
  • Sending a Blank Message
  • Changing Theme
  • Sending Messages Without Saving Numbers
  • Disconnect Internet Connection for WhatsApp

If you are looking for GB WA in the playstore, of course it will not be available, although several times certain parties have tried to upload it to the playstore.

Because even though it has been successfully uploaded to the Playstore, in a few minutes the application will be immediately deleted by the Playstore.

This is because GB Whatsapp is a whatsapp mod, which is an illegal application, even the WhatsApp developer also clarifies that anyone who uses WhatsApp mods including GB WA will be penalized.

And the sanctions are not half-hearted, they can be permanently banned. So that the phone number will not be registered Back to whatsapp.
Therefore, actually using GB Whatsapp is not recommended, and for those of you who have used it, please be careful.